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Gifting should be personal.

At Engravers Guild, we believe gifting is an art-form: unique to the receiver, saying something of the giver, and holding lasting value.

Drawing on the experience of over 100 years, Engravers Guild is a family company that traces its heritage to 1887 in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.

Combining technology with traditional skills of craftsmen, users can customise a curated-selection of the most beautiful items available, and preview them in real-time before making a seamless transaction process.

Behind the online store sits a platform which connects a network of design studios, boutique manufacturers and personalisation experts, creating individually-finished items with bespoke presentation and excellent customer service.

Our approach creates a bespoke experience, and embodies our belief that the best things in life are the most personal.

Elliot Bishton
Founder, Engravers Guild

Birmingham jewellery factory, managed by Carl Bishton 1962

Alfred Bishton, President
British Jewellers' Association 1947

Bishton Silversmiths, established by Thomas Bishton 1887