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Personalised Cufflinks

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  • personalised-cufflinks-oblong

    Personalised Cufflinks – Oblong


  • personalised-cufflinks-oval

    Personalised Cufflinks – Oval


  • personalised-cufflinks-round

    Personalised Cufflinks – Round


  • Engine-turned-cufflinks

    Engine Turned Personalised Cufflinks


  • Hylton Engraved Cufflinks - Pearl

    Hylton Engraved Cufflinks – Pearl


  • Oblong-silver-personalised-cufflinks

    Silver Oblong Personalised Cufflinks


  • Smith Engraved Cufflinks - Onyx

    Smith Engraved Cufflinks – Onyx


  • Hampton-Engraved-Cufflinks2

    Hampton Engraved Cufflinks


  • Solid-Silver-Oval-Engraved-Cufflinks-Classic

    Vyse Engraved Cufflinks – Classic


  • Vyse Engraved Cufflinks

    Vyse Engraved Silver Cufflinks


  • Engraved-Knot-Cufflinks-main3

    Silver Knot Engraved Cufflinks


  • Smith Engraved Cufflinks - Pearl

    Smith Engraved Cufflinks – Pearl


  • Sterling Silver Cricket Ball Engraved Cufflinks

    Cricket Silver Engraved Cufflinks


  • vermeil personalised cufflinks

    18K Gold Vermeil Vyse Cufflinks


  • Hylton Engraved Cufflinks – Onyx



Engraved Cufflinks Personalised By Engravers Guild

Precision Engraved Cufflinks

Engravers Guild of London is committed to delivering the best engraving quality for personalised cufflinks.

Our team of experienced engravers uses traditional diamond-tipped machine cutters with precision technology, creating a deep impression that retains its clarity and lustre indefinitely.

All of our engraving is carried out in-house. To guarantee the most perfect finish, each model of engraved cufflinks has been individually tooled and jigged so that the end result meets our strictest of quality standards.

Beautifully Presented Cufflinks

At Engravers Guild of London, we aspire to create an occasion around the opening experience. All of our personalised cufflinks are presented in an exquisite custom cufflinks box.

Our own engraved cufflinks from Engravers Guild are delivered in our signature black and white premium packaging, boasting both simplicity and elegance.

The Clewley range of custom silver cufflinks are presented in a handsome real wood case with the logo embossed inside the upper part in luxurious leather. The personalised gift card and Clewley booklet are the final touches to create a beautiful engraved gift.

About Our Personalised Cufflinks Brands

Clewley Cufflinks

Established in 1944, Clewley was founded as a manufacturing business in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.

Originally supplying skilfully engineered components to the large jewellery houses of the time, Clewley today offers an exclusive collection of silver personalised cufflinks and gentleman’s accessories.

With a proud heritage, the brand remains true to its founding principles of delivering beautifully finished product and the engraved cufflinks are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Engravers Guild Cufflinks

The three pairs of cufflinks from Engravers Guild in this collection have been carefully developed to offer the best quality and greatest value of personalised cufflinks.

Exquisitely made in stainless steel, the finish is incomparable and designed to last for very many years to come. Beautifully proportioned, robustly designed and finely balanced, the engraved cufflinks from Engravers Guild are offered in classic round, oval and oblong shapes.

The highly polished surface of the custom cufflinks is the perfect stage for a personal engraving to make a very special engraved gift.

Types of Personalised Cufflinks

Torpedo or Bullet Back Cufflinks

The most common kind of personalised cufflinks is the classic toggle fastening which is popular for its ease of use and simple design.

The traditional toggle features a small bar which pivots around the centre of the length. When extended in line with the rest of the fastening, the bar can be easily pushed through a shirt cuff. To secure the engraved cufflinks, the bar is twisted to a tangential position with the fastening.

A fail-safe option for most men, the toggle cufflink is guaranteed to be an enduring favourite.

Stalk Cufflinks

Stalk cufflinks, or stem cufflinks, are the most simply designed type of fastening.

They are characterised by a rigid piece of metal or silver which connects a larger outer face of the engraved cufflinks to a smaller inner face which acts as the fastening.

With no moving parts, the stem personalised cufflinks are the strongest design of fastening. The fixed construction works by pushing it through a shirt cuff and twisted so that the elongated shape of the fastening is tangential to the length of the button hole.

Chain Cufflinks

Chain link personalised cufflinks are characterised by two fastenings connected with a light chain. The loose links between the two cufflink faces mean that this type of fastening is often more flexible, which can mean that this style is sometimes more difficult to thread through a shirt cuff as there is no rigidity in the item.

However, the engraved cufflinks have the advantage in that both the inner and outer part can be used to decorative effect. We are happy to engrave on both sides of our Vyse model should it be desired, which a date on the outer part and initials on the inner part of the personalised cufflinks being popular.

Whale Back Personalised Cufflinks

Whaleback engraved cufflinks are so-called because of the end piece of the fastening which swivels, or flips, like the tail of a whale. Lightly curved on one side and flat on the other side of the head, swivel-back personalised cufflinks are considered as one of the most sophisticated fastenings due to their streamlined shape.

An additional benefit is their ease of wearing, due to the rigid stem which can easily be threaded through a shirt cuff. Furthermore, their durable design means they last a long time and so represent a good investment for many years to come.

How to care for your silver personalised cufflinks

Why you must care for your silver cufflinks

Sterling 925 silver is a soft metal and your engraved cufflinks will reflect the character of the life they have lived. Due to the composition of silver, it naturally reacts with sulphur and so will be affected by air, moisture, and a range of chemicals including detergents and fragrances.

Over time, your sterling silver personalised cufflinks will tarnish. A film of dark brown, black and purple shades will appear. While there is nothing that can be done to completely protect your custom cufflinks against this, there are a few easy steps to slow the process and restore the lustre of your engraved gift.

Using warm soapy water

Warm soapy water is the most commonly used aid to clean silver personalised cufflinks. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of washing-up liquid. Very gently with a soft, lint-free cloth, rub the sterling silver engraved cufflinks with light circular motions. For tight and intricate areas, a cotton bud can be used – for example on the toggle of the fastening and between the links of the chain.

The detergent should lift grease and dirt, restoring the shine of the solid silver cufflinks below.

Using baking soda and white vinegar

For more hard to remove stains, baking soda and white vinegar can be used. Fill half a mug with white vinegar and add 2-3 table spoons of baking soda, then soak your personalised cufflinks in the solution for two to three hours. It may be best to do this in a sink as the baking soda will react with the white vinegar to create fizzing and some spitting.

When time is up, remove your engraved cufflinks from the cup and be sure to dry them thoroughly afterwards.

Using water and baking soda

For a more involved approach to cleaning your silver personalised cufflinks, mix baking soda with a small amount of water. Apply just enough water so that a viscous paste is created. Rub this with a soft cloth onto the areas of the engraved cufflinks which need cleaning and the mixture should remove dirt and stains.

This approach used to be used with toothpaste. However, today toothpaste contains a wide mixture of chemicals which can prove damaging to solid silver cufflinks.

How to polish your silver engraved cufflinks

Preparing your custom cufflinks

To get that extra special shine on your personalised cufflinks, you may want to use some form of silver polish. You must first ensure that all dirt and tarnish has been removed from the cufflinks using any of the techniques mentioned above.

If required, a swab of white spirit or methylated spirit can be used  – however, be careful not to apply it too vigorously as you do not want to damage the surface of the engraved cufflinks. Once complete, your custom cufflinks should be ready for polish to be applied.

Applying silver polish

The easiest way to apply silver polish to your engraved cufflinks is with a silver polishing cloth. This is uniquely infused with silver cleaning particles which work to create a shine on the surface. At Engravers Guild, we recommend using Talk of the Town polishing cloths, which can be found in all good jewellers and Argos.

Should a silver polishing cloth not be available, you can create a cotton wool swab. Wrap a piece of lint-free cloth around a cotton stick, helping you reach those tight areas such as around the fastenings of the engraved cufflinks.

How regularly to clean your personalised cufflinks

Your engraved cufflinks are designed to last a lifetime. As such, there will be a recurring need to clean them. Not allowing too much tarnish to build up will make the cleaning easier, and so regular applications of silver polish is sensible.

However, the actual process of polishing can damage the surface of the personalised cufflinks. Try to avoid the most abrasive of types of cleaning, and use warm soapy water as much as possible.

How to store your personalised cufflinks

Storing stainless steel cufflinks

Stainless steel is characterised by its durable properties and its resilience to water. Your stainless steel cufflinks from Engravers Guild are made to exacting standards, and should experience little to no deterioration through the lifetime of the product.

Simply keeping your personalised cufflinks in their original cufflink case should protect them from scratches and bashes. If required, a lint-free cloth will be enough to wipe away and grime and stains from the surface.

Storing sterling silver cufflinks

While you can never stop tarnishing entirely, you can take preventative measures to slow the process. In essence, the objective should be to protect your personalised cufflinks from air and water. Air-tight containers or zip-seal bags are often recommended. However, if using these items, make sure that no moisture is trapped inside the container first. Silica gel packets can also be inserted to help remove any dampness.

In addition, ensure that each cufflink is separated from the other so as to avoid scratching. Finally, do not store your engraved cufflinks in anything that may contain traces of sulphur, such as cardboard or cotton.

How to fasten your personalised cufflinks

Step 1 - select the right shirt

Your engraved cufflinks cannot be worn with all shirts. Aside from whether cufflinks would be fashionably appropriate to wear with a particular style of shirt (which will be covered separately in a different section), it must be established whether a cufflink can even be accommodated.

To be able to wear personalised cufflinks, the shirt must feature a cuff which does not already have a button attached. Typically, this will be what is known as a “French cuff”, or “double cuff” as the shirt sleeve is folded back on itself.

Less commonly designed for personalised cufflinks are “barrel cuffs” or “double barrel cuffs” which have only the single layer of fabric. This is perhaps a more contemporary option, though it is important that the cufflink does not overbear the less substantial material.

Step 2 - prepare the cuff

Depending on what type of shirt you are wearing will influence how you prepare the cuff for the engraved cufflinks. In essence, all the holes in the cuffs (whether that be in a double cuff or single cuff) must be aligned. Once they are aligned, press the folds of the cuffs together as tightly as you can – this will make it easier to insert the personalised cufflinks.

As you hold your arm with a 90 degree bend at the elbow, the cuffs should hang down over your wrists so that the holes are between your wrist and the floor.

Step 3 - thread the engraved cufflinks

The easiest way to insert personalised cufflinks is to get somebody else to thread them for you. Traditionally, for gentlemen of standing, this would be done by a valet. However, if your butler is attending to other matters, it’s a good idea to call on a friend or partner. Should you be flying solo, though, you have have to undertake the endeavour alone.

Position one of your engraved cufflinks between your thumb and forefinger. Make sure this is in the hand on the opposite one to the wrist you are trying to cuff. The insert of the custom cufflink should be pointing between your index finger and middle finger. Then, with your thumb, press the personalised cufflinks through.

Step 4 - fasten the silver cufflink

Finally, you will need to fasten your engraved cufflinks so that they do not come loose from your shirt. For toggle cufflinks, this will be simply to turn either the T-bar or whale back into a perpendicular position with the stem.

Alternatively, stalk cufflinks are usually fashioned so that the angle of the bar runs against the pull of the shirt cuff. Insert the cufflink in the way that offers least resistance, then turn the cufflink so that it locks against the cuff.

Finally, chain fastenings are the most difficult of all personalised cufflinks to secure. Requiring high levels of finger dexterity, ensure that the fastening is entirely through all holes of the cuff and that both flat parts rest against the material.

A History of Personalised Cufflinks

Thirteenth Century

Today we have numerous ways to secure our clothing, such as zips, buttons, velcro and elastic. However, for much of human history, people had to rely on ribbons and ties to pull together their garments.

A precursor to the modern cufflink is generally dated back to the 1200s. During this century, clothes began to become more fitted, and noblemen started to adopt fastenings of precious metals to keep their clothing together.


Engraved silver cufflinks for men from Engravers Guild of London UK are selected exclusively to showcase the uniqueness of the personalised element. Fashioned in sterling silver 925, they are designed to be a permanent expression of love, respect or appreciation between the giver and recipient. Enhanced by the full gifting experience, the custom cufflinks are presented in luxury wrapping, and finished with an individual gift card.


Engraved sterling silver cufflinks are the hallmark of a man’s sartorial style. Long established as the mark of a distinguished gentleman, personalised cufflinks in silver are a defining feature of men’s attire and a nod towards inherent masculinity. Since being coveted by European monarchs in the seventeenth century, statesmen, businessmen and cultural icons have all seen the bespoke cufflink as providing a personal touch and reflecting the character of the wearer in an understated way.

Engravers Guild of London is one of the UK’s leading purveyors and finishers of sterling silver accessories, founded to make perfect gifts more personal.


Personalised silver cufflinks from Engravers Guild of London reflect London’s association with the gentleman’s favourite accessory. It was at the time of King George (1738-1820) that the buttons which had traditionally been used to fasten cuffs became more ornate and durable in London. However, during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) and towards the end of the British Industrial Revolution, technology had advanced that cufflinks could be mass manufactured and afforded by the middle classes.

It was tradition for businesses, organisations and social societies in London to commission large runs of engraved cufflinks, with elaborately personalised cufflinks still favoured by the upper classes. The most expensive set of cufflinks ever sold at auction was made by Cartier London for the Duke of Windsor. They consisted of double sided cufflinks engraved with E & W. On the back they were engraved Edward 23/6/35, and Wallis 19/6/35. Estimated to bring £70,000 – 90,000, the set sold in London for a record £115,250 in 1987.