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Silver Personalised Cufflinks



Engravers Guild of London is committed to delivering the best engraving quality for personalised cufflinks.

Our team of experienced engravers use traditional diamond-tipped machine cutters with precision technology, creating a deep impression that retains its clarity and lustre indefinitely.

All of our engraving is carried out in-house. To guarantee the most perfect finish, each engraved cufflink model has been individually tooled and jigged so that the end result meets our strictest of quality standards.


Established in 1944, Clewley was founded as a manufacturing business in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.

Originally supplying skilfully engineered components to the large jewellery houses of the time, Clewley today offers an exclusive collection of silver personalised cufflinks and gentleman’s accessories.

With a proud heritage, the brand remains true to its founding principles of delivering beautifully finished product and a guarantee of the highest quality.


Engraved silver cufflinks for men from Engravers Guild of London UK are selected exclusively to showcase the uniqueness of the personalised element. Fashioned in sterling silver 925, they are designed to be a permanent expression of love, respect or appreciation between the giver and recipient. Enhanced by the full gifting experience, the custom cufflinks are presented in luxury wrapping, and finished with an individual gift card.


Engraved sterling silver cufflinks are the hallmark of a man’s sartorial style. Long established as the mark of a distinguished gentleman, personalised cufflinks in silver are a defining feature of men’s attire and a nod towards inherent masculinity. Since being coveted by European monarchs in the seventeenth century, statesmen, businessmen and cultural icons have all seen the bespoke cufflink as providing a personal touch and reflecting the character of the wearer in an understated way.

Engravers Guild of London is one of the UK’s leading purveyors and finishers of sterling silver accessories, founded to make perfect gifts more personal.


Personalised silver cufflinks from Engravers Guild of London reflect London’s association with the gentleman’s favourite accessory. It was at the time of King George (1738-1820) that the buttons which had traditionally been used to fasten cuffs became more ornate and durable in London. However, during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) and towards the end of the British Industrial Revolution, technology had advanced that cufflinks could be mass manufactured and afforded by the middle classes.

It was tradition for businesses, organisations and social societies in London to commission large runs of engraved cufflinks, with elaborately personalised cufflinks still favoured by the upper classes. The most expensive set of cufflinks ever sold at auction was made by Cartier London for the Duke of Windsor. They consisted of double sided cufflinks engraved with E & W. On the back they were engraved Edward 23/6/35, and Wallis 19/6/35. Estimated to bring £70,000 – 90,000, the set sold in London for a record £115,250 in 1987.