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For Him

Engraved and Personalised Gifts for Men

Engravers Guild of London offers a collection of luxury engraved gifts, designed to complement mens’ lifestyles. Engraved cufflinks and engraved tie & money clips make for perfect gifts which any man can enjoy as part of his wardrobe. The range has been developed to suit men who choose a more discerning style, though still value a unique and personal finish. Whether it be for a birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas or an anniversary, engraved gifts from Engravers Guild of London say it best.

Engraved and Personalised Cufflinks

The engraved cufflink collection from Engravers Guild of London is exclusively designed in sterling silver and features a London hallmark. Each engraved cufflink has been designed to celebrate the engraving, whether that be in an understated way so only the wearer knows the inscription or in a more overt display of the beautifully engraved text. The engraved cufflinks make for a perfect gift that will last a lifetime.

Engraved and Personalised Tie & Money Clips

The engraved tie & money clip collection is a novel range that gives distinction to any man’s sartorial finish. Having enjoyed a fashion renaissance of late, the engraved tie clips help keep a man unflappable under pressure and protects the essential line of a suit’s cut. The engraved money clips bring a sense of pragmatism to to carrying banknotes, banishing the need for heavy and bulky leather wallets for good.