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Personalised Notebooks

About Personalised Notebook Collection

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Embossed Notebooks

In an increasingly digital world, there is nothing more raw than the process of recording analogue thoughts with pen and paper. For over two hundred years, the world’s great thinkers, philosophers, writers, musicians, poets, leaders and historical figures formed and shaped their ideas in a personalised notebook. Starting with a blank page, a notebook is an intensely personal space – a private incubator of thoughts, memories and half-formed notions which often mean little to anyone but the author.

Our notebooks are designed to celebrate the intimate connections we have with our written words, and are beautifully marked with the initials of the owner.

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Our Embossing

Engravers Guild is proud to continue the practice of traditional embossing techniques. In homage to the analogue medium of pen and paper, our embossing process employs no digital involvement. Our brass lettersets are loaded into a heated plate and pressed directly into the personalised notebook, creating an enduring impression.

Choose from either serif or sans serif fonts, which can be finished in a gold foil, silver foil or blind emboss.

Notebook Brands We Stock


Perhaps the leading contemporary innovator of personalised notebooks, Moleskine is an Italian company which was founded in 1997. The vision was to bring back to life the classic little notebook which accompanied many of the great thinkers and artists of the twentieth century.

Today, the company is a global presence with an ambition to support the creative and productive process in people’s lives, businesses and ideas.

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Notebooks Embossed by Engravers Guild

Engravers Guild of London is delighted to present this personalised notebook collection. The select range covers some of the most covetable brands in the world of stationery, including exclusively paper-based names, such as Moleskine, and international fashion houses, as in Hugo Boss. The collection has been chiefly curated on the grounds of quality, regardless of the price point for each item.

The Engravers Guild Experience

We created Engravers Guild to deliver beautiful gift experiences. From the quality of the product to the expertise of the personalisation, each embossed gift is designed to create a memorable opening experience and leave a lasting impression. The gifts are intended to last a lifetime, and the personalised notebook collection speaks especially to this sentiment, with notebooks providing a wonderful record of a time in life.