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Clewley Personalised Silver Pens, Manufactured By LJ Millington

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About Clewley

Established in 1944, Clewley was founded as a manufacturing business in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter.

Originally supplying skilfully engineered components to the large jewellery houses of the time, Clewley today offers an exclusive collection of gentleman’s accessories and fountain pens.

Made In England

The Clewley tradition of British manufacturing continues in the exclusive collection of solid sterling silver engraved fountain pens.

Made in Birmingham, just a few streets aways from where the first Clewley factory was first built, the pens are each individually crafted with traditional techniques and finished by hand.

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Engraved Fountain Pens

The Personalised Silver Pens Collection from Engravers Guild of London is designed to create exquisite gifts that will last a lifetime. Each pen is crafted in the finest solid sterling 925 silver complete with hallmark, and finished to either a high polish or engine-turned effect. The feature of each silver pen is a personalised engraving which can be previewed online before purchase and is a complimentary service.

British Manufacture

The sterling silver pens are all designed and manufactured in the UK within Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. The craft process has been handed down through generations, with some of the same technology still used that was developed in the Industrial Revolution. At the turn of the twentieth century, Birmingham was the global centre of pen manufacture, accounting for almost half of pens in the world. While much of that manufacturing has now moved for less expensive items, the Engravers Guild pen collection stays true to centuries of tradition and craft.

Personalised Silver Pens

Every engraved fountain pen by Engravers Guild of London is finished in-house with a diamond tipped machine cutter, leaving a perfectly formed and indelible impression. The pens are designed specifically for the purposes of engraving, with each pen showcasing an area for the personalisation to neatly stand proud and be an attractive addition to the fine lines of a handsome gift.

Beautiful Presentation

Each personalised pen and engraved silver fountain pen is presented in a luxury wooden presentation case, bearing the origin of the manufacture of the pens on the inside lid: Clewley, from Birmingham. Every touchpoint of an Engravers Guild gift is carefully considered to deliver an experience that is memorable and special, creating an emotion which is evoked every time the personalised silver pen is used. There is also the option to include a complimentary gift card with bespoke message.