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Personalised Lighters

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  • Classic silver personalised lighter on white background

    Premium Silver Personalised Lighter


  • Matt black engraved lighter on white background

    Premium Matt Black Lighter Engraved


  • Personalised gold lighter on white background

    Premium Gold Personalised Lighter


  • to size rainbow star lighter side

    Premium Rainbow Lighter Engraved


  • zippo-polished-silver-personalised-lighter

    Classic Polish Chrome Zippo Lighter Personalised


  • brushed-solid-silver-zippo-lighter

    Solid Sterling Silver Brushed Zippo Lighter


  • union-jack-zippo-lighter

    Union Jack Zippo Personalised Lighter


  • Wedding-Ring-Lighter2

    Wedding Rings Personalised Zippo Lighter


  • zippo-polished-brass-personalised-lighter

    Classic Polish Brass Zippo Lighter Personalised


  • zippo-modern-replica-engraved-lighter

    Vintage Polish Chrome Zippo Lighter Personalised


  • personalised brushed steel zippo

    Brushed Chrome Zippo Lighter Personalised


  • engraved silver zippo engine turned lighter

    Engine-Turned Personalised Zippo Lighter


  • personalised brushed brass lighter zippo

    Brushed Brass Zippo Lighter Personalised


  • engraved clipper lighter silver back

    Silver Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • engraved clipper rainbow lighter

    Rainbow Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • rose gold clipper lighter engraved

    Rose Gold Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • Red-Clipper-Lighter

    Red Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • engraved clipper lighter in brushed steel

    Brushed Steel Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • gold clipper lighter engraved

    Gold Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • Black-Clipper-Lighter

    Black Clipper Lighter Engraved



Stunning Engraved Lighters

Expertly Engraved image

Expertly Engraved

Each personalised lighter by Engravers Guild of London is expertly engraved in-house by one of our professional engravers. We are committed to delivering the best finish, and all of our lighters are inscribed with the highest quality diamond-tipped cutters. Unlike most engraved lighters, ours are not laser finished but the full form of the letter is cut as opposed to just the outline, ensuring a beautiful and crisp impression that will last for many years to come.

The Gift Experience image

The Gift Experience

Gifts from Engravers Guild of London are designed to leave a lasting impression. Every personalised lighter is delivered in either a branded tin or Zippo box, which is packed in our signature black and white carrier case with a personal gift card and luxury tissue paper.

Each touchpoint of the gift experience has been considered to bring a personal touch when receiving the engraved lighter, bringing back strong memories every time the item is used.

A History of the Zippo Personalised Lighter

Birth of the Zippo Engraved Lighter

The Zippo company was launched in 1932, with the first personalised lighter being produced the following year. The founder, George Blaisdell, based the custom lighter on an Austrian design which was later awarded a patent in 1936. The name was derived from the word “zipper”, but changed to sound more unique and contemporary.

Central to the business was the idea that this would be an all-American item. Founded in Bradford, Pennsylvania, almost all lighters since 1933 have been made in the USA – the only ones being made abroad being in Ontario, Canada, in a plant which was closed in 2002.

Birth of the Zippo Engraved Lighter image

War Years

The advent of World War II brought Zippos to the fore of American consciousness and was the beginning of their status as an American icon. With American forces being engaged in Europe, Zippo stopped manufacture of all consumer products and dedicated production to the US military. Although there was no official contract with the American government, Zippo engraved lighters were a staple item of stores for military provisions and they became a coveted item for millions of US soldiers. As an AdWeek article notes: “As a result, millions of American men were already sworn to the personalised lighter that had not only fired up their Luckies, but because it also lit up instrument panels and heated cans of food rations, sometimes saved their lives. War correspondent Ernie Pyle famously called the Zippo custom lighter “the most coveted item on the battlefield”.”

War Years image

Post War Years

It is perhaps understandable that the associations which millions of American men had attributed to their Zippo personalised lighters continued in the post-war years. Survivors of World War II returned home with their custom lighters, re-enforcing the image of a Zippo with masculinity. At a time when everybody smoked, the lighters from Pennsylvania were the go-to items for millions of people around the world and demand was such that production increased to 18 million units per year in the 1990s. Throughout this time, the core components of the Zippo engraved lighters never changed, though the aesthetic designs became increasingly elaborate as they became essential fashion accessories.


Post War Years image

21st Century

Following a decline in sales from the 1990s to 12 million units per annum, Zippo has expanded the business from its core line of personalised lighters. Electrical accessories such as mobile phone chargers, fashion accessories including watches and wallets, and new lines of sunglasses are all available under the Zippo name. That notwithstanding, Zippo still reached a milestone this century in producing its 500 millionth engraved lighter, marking its 80th anniversary at the same time. Today, the company is still an undisputed American icon, and new models of custom lighters secure its position as the leading manufacturer of personalised lighters in the world.


21st Century image

3 Great Things About Your Zippo Custom Lighter

1. Lifetime Warranty image

1. Lifetime Warranty

The reliability of personalised lighters was a major issue in the 1920s, and their dependability was a key purchasing decision for the everyday American. When George G. Blaisdell (the founder of Zippo) jibed a friend for having an ugly lighter, the friend quipped back “Well George, it works!”. Surprised by the response, Mr Blaisdell examined the lighter further and decided to launch his own version. The confidence of his friend in vouching for the earlier lighter stuck with Mr Blaisdell, and he decided to build his company on the promise of such quality. Since the company’s inception, all Zippo windproof engraved lighters carry an unlimited lifetime guarantee. Such is the importance of this to Zippo, the wording of the guarantee is trademarked: “It works or we fix it for free”. In over 80 years, it is claimed that no one has ever spent a penny on the mechanical repair of a Zippo lighter regardless of the lighter’s age or condition. It is important to note, though, that the guarantee does not cover cosmetic wear and tear of the engraved lighter.

2. Windproof image

2. Windproof

One of the most common problems with personalised lighters in the 1920s was that the slightest breeze outside would blow out the flame, making it difficult to light a cigarette. It was an Austrian engraved lighter with a “chimney” design that caught the attention of George G. Blaisdell (the founder of Zippo) as the shape of the casing protected the flame. Having first bought the right for the US distribution of the engraved lighter, he later improved the design and created the company we know today. Much of the old advertising featured this unique benefit, and today every Zippo still boasts to be windproof.

3. The Zippo "click" image

3. The Zippo "click"

Many features separate a Zippo personalised lighter from others, but perhaps none more so than the indistinguishable “click” noise of a Zippo when closing. In 2018 this sounds was officially recognised with the award of a trademark in the US. It was granted in recognition of Zippo’s careful manufacturing process which creates the unique noise and inimitable sound of the windproof engraved lighter. The trademark puts the Zippo lighter alongside other sounds which are also legally protected, including the roar of the MGM lion.

Engraved Lighters

Engravers Guild of London is delighted to present this selection of personalised lighters. Classic in form and shape, each engraved lighter is perfectly finished in a choice of six strong colours ranging from traditional silver to a fun and striking fluorescent gloss. The focal point of each lighter is the bespoke engraving, offering up to four lines of text in three different fonts for a unique message which makes a unique and special gift.

Bespoke Presentation

Every step of the gift experience has been considered to ensure a memorable moment when opening the present. Each personalised lighter from Engravers Guild of London is presented in our signature packaging, with white outer box and custom black tissue paper wrapped around an Engravers Guild tin case. At the heart of the gift lies the personalised lighter, accompanied by a complimentary gift card with personal message which can be previewed online before purchase.

The Engraving

Personalised lighters from Engravers Guild are individually customised by one of our experienced expert engravers, guaranteeing an exquisite finish for a perfect gift. The inscription is made with precision diamond-tipped machine cutters, making a permanent impression and lasting mark for an enduring keepsake. Using bespoke technology, the engraving matches the preview impression as detailed online in the purchase journey, and the engraving is proudly included as a complimentary service.

A Heritage in Lighters

Engravers Guild of London’s heritage lies in British light engineering, with a forerunner of the company being a light engineering business set up in the mid twentieth century with the sole purpose being for the manufacture of lighters and lighter components. Registered as “IMP”, standing for Ingenious Mechanical Products, production has since moved overseas – but the heritage of quality personalised lighters remains in the ethos of Engravers Guild of London and we remain committed to delivering the best value engraved lighters.