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Personalised Tankards

Our Engraving & Gifting Process


Every personalised tankard from Engravers Guild of London is finished with a diamond tipped machine cutter. We are committed to delivering the best quality engraving in the industry, and we inscribe the full form of the letter – not just the outline – so ensuring an impression that will last indefinitely.


Each engraved gift from Engravers Guild of London is designed to create an experience upon opening. With a personal gift card and careful wrapping, the custom tankards make a perfect item to mark special occasions such as wedding parties, retirement events, Christenings and weekends away for the groom and best men.

Personalised Beer Tankard

Fear not, men, of those dull and miserable pub pint glasses. Designed for the pub landlord rather than the seasoned drinker, their ugly and swelling tops can now give way to the drinking vessel that history has proved is the one true amulet to taste the golden nectar that we call ale. Engravers Guild of London has assembled the finest collection of personalised tankards that can be found in the UK so that men no longer need to resort to the insipid imbibing instrument that the Guardian describes as, “A moribund weapon of mass consumption that shows little love for the liquid inside“. Drink up ye men, and enjoy the taste of beer that’s drunk the proper way.

Engraved Pewter Tankard

Engravers Guild of London partners with the English Pewter Company for all of its personalised pewter tankards, the largest UK manufacturer of pewter giftware. The business was established in 19977 in Sheffield, a city with a rich history of quality metal working, and today is a family-run enterprise serving markets all over the world from a purpose-built 20,000 sq ft development. Tankards have always been a major part of the business, and the English Pewter Company delivers custom designs to some of the most eminent sporting and commercial organisations.

Origin of the Beer Tankard

Personalised tankards date back to the 1400s in Germany where they were used for drinking ale. While earlier versions were usually made in wood, common design features that endured through the centuries were the single handle and, commonly, a hinged lid on the top. Many theories have been put forward for the purpose of the lid, ranging from being a guard against falling plaster when drinking in shabby and cheap establishments, to containing the beer when brawls commonly broke out. Whatever the purpose, this design feature seemed to be phased out in the nineteenth century, with a focus instead being on elaborate metal work to decorate the exterior of the vessel.

Bottomed Glass Tankards

Another interesting design element was the adoption of glass bottoms. These were rumoured to have been developed in England in the age of the press gangs when the Royal Navy would tour local taverns to pick up new members for their ship. If you drank to the bottom of your tankard and found the King’s shilling, then you were said to have accepted impressment. An alternative theory is that a drinker could see their enemy approaching, with another being that it was easier to gauge the clarity of one’s beer with a glass bottom.