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Personalised Nurses Watch


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Beautifully Engraved Nurses Fob Watches

Precision Engraving

Each nurses watch is individually finished with complimentary personalisation by one of our expert engravers. Engravers Guild uses only the finest quality diamond-tipped cutters, creating a clean and crisp impression that will endure for many years to come.

Use the proprietary Engraving Preview Tool to visualise the engraving before purchase, choosing from a custom selection of three different fonts. We are committed to delivering the best engraving possible, and we inscribe the full form of the letter on every nurses fob watch as opposed to just the outline.

Details Make The Difference

It is the added detail to an Engravers Guild nurses watch which makes the gift that bit more special. Each fob is presented in a custom gift box, being either the pink and black boxes from Henley or a signature box from Engravers Guild.

In addition, all purchases are delivered with the option of a complimentary gift card, designed to convey a touch of extra sentiment so as to make receiving the gift a memorable experience.

The complete package is then assembled into an Engravers Guild carrier box.

Nurses Fob Watch Engraved

Engravers Guild of London is pleased to offer this carefully curated collection of fob watches for nurses and beauticians. Each one has been selected to showcase the personalised element, and so express a special sentiment between the recipient and the giver. The category ranges from classic and simple designs to more glamorous pieces with ceramic detail and diamante stones, offering something appropriate for all types of working environment.

The Engraving Process

At Engravers Guild we are committed to delivering the best quality engraving in the UK. All of our gifts are engraved with diamond tipped machine cutters, ensuring a deep and lasting impression in the metal. We engineer jigs (precision clamps to delicately hold the item in place) so that our engraving is perfect every time and sat centrally in the surface of the piece. Once inscribed, the customised nurses watch is given a final hand polish before being sent out.

Henley and Ravel Nurses Timepieces

The personalised collection is comprised of Henley, Ravel and Censi fob watches. Censi offers a good value economy selection at a relatively cheap price, while the Ravel items bring more durability in the polished stainless steel styles which are a popular choice for health workers and medical professionals. Many beauticians, meanwhile, favour the Henley timepieces, bringing a sense of fun and glamour to their work and having a showpiece to wear every day.

Engravers Guild Presentation

We believe that receiving a gift is not just about the item in itself, but it is about the entire gifting experience. At Engravers Guild of London we have spent time in developing our beautiful signature packaging to ensure that every Engravers Guild gift received is a memorable occasion. Our complimentary service also includes a personal gift card which extends the message delivered and conveys a very special sentiment with the personalised nurses watch.