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Personalised Nurses Watch

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  • silver customised nurses timepiece

    Classic Personalised Nurses Watch


  • engraved silver backlight nurses watch

    Backlight Silver Personalised Nurses Watch


  • blue-nurse-fob-front

    Mesh Strap Nurse Watch – Blue


  • black-nurse-watch-front

    Nurses Engraved Fob Watch – Gunmetal Silver


  • nurse-watch-mesh-strap-front

    Mesh Strap Nurse Watch – Rose


  • annie-apple-nurse-watch-rainbow-front

    Rainbow Nurse Watch


  • annie-apple-nurse-watch-rose-mesh-front

    Mesh Strap Nurse Watch – Rose Slim


  • tan-nurse-fob-watch-front

    Nurses Engraved Leather Fob Watch – Grey/Rose


  • steel-nurse-watch-front

    Nurses Engraved Fob Watch – Silver


  • personalised-callista-nurses-watch-black-G

    Callista Gunmetal & Rose Gold Nurse Watch


  • Personallised-nurse-watch-annie-apple-J

    Callista Emerald & Gold Nurse Watch


  • Personalised-nurse-watch-annie-apple-F

    Callista Gold & Silver Nurse Watch


  • Personalised-nurse-watch-annie-apple-H

    Callista Marble & Rose Gold Nurse Watch


  • Personalised-nurse-watch-annie-apple-B

    Callista Rose Gold & Blue Nurse Watch


  • Personalised-nurse-watch-annie-apple-E

    Callista Rose Gold & Navy Nurse Watch


  • nurse-watch-square-front

    Square Nurse Fob Watch – Rose


  • AA161R-engraved-nurse-watch-gift

    Silicone Nurse Watch – Seven Strap Colours


  • interchangeable-nurse-fob-gunmetal-grey

    Interchangeable Nurses Watch – Gunmetal/Grey


  • annie-apple-nurse-watch-gold-dial

    Nurses Engraved Leather Fob Watch – Rose


  • nurse-watch-leather-fob-front

    Nurses Engraved Leather Fob Watch – Rose/Marble


  • Mount-Royal-steel-nurse-watch-front

    Mount Royal Nurses Engraved Fob Watch


  • Woodford-nurses-watch-front

    Woodford Nurses Engraved Fob Watch


  • coluri-silver-mesh-nurse-fob-white-dial

    Coluri Silver Mesh Nurse Watch – White Dial


  • coluri-rose-mesh-nurse-fob-white-dial

    Coluri Rose Mesh Nurse Watch – White Dial


  • coluri-silver-mesh-nurse-fob-green-dial

    Coluri Silver Mesh Nurse Watch – Green Dial


  • coluri-rose-mesh-nurse-fob

    Coluri Rose Gold Mesh Nurse Watch – Green Dial


  • coluri-silver-mesh-nurse-fob-blue-dial

    Coluri Silver Mesh Nurse Watch – Blue


  • coluri-rose-mesh-nurse-fob-blue-dial

    Coluri Rose Gold Mesh Nurse Watch – Blue


  • engraved-ladies-watch-coluri-9356731331229

    Coluri 2-in-1 Nurse Gift Box – Rose Gold & White


  • leather-strap-white-nurse-watch

    Coluri Silicone Fob Nurses Watch


  • jean-pierre-nurse-watch

    Jean Pierre Personalised Nurse Watch


  • Mount-Royal-Nurses-Watch-silver-front

    Mount Royal Personalised Nurses Watch – Silver


  • Mount-Royal-Nurses-Watch-gold-front

    Mount Royal Personalised Nurses Watch – Gold


  • sif-jakobs-nurses-watch-gift-SJ-W2301

    Sif Jakobs Personalised Francesca Nurses Watch – Silver


  • sif-jakobs-nurses-watch-gift-SJ-W2302-YG

    Sif Jakobs Personalised Francesca Nurses Watch – Gold


  • Ravel-personalised-ribbon-nurses-watch-gold2

    Diamante Kriss Kross Nurses Watch – Gold



Beautifully Engraved Nurses Fob Watches

Precision Engraving image

Precision Engraving

Each nurses watch is individually finished with complimentary personalisation by one of our expert engravers. Engravers Guild uses only the finest quality diamond-tipped cutters, creating a clean and crisp impression that will endure for many years to come.

Use the proprietary Engraving Preview Tool to visualise the engraving before purchase, choosing from a custom selection of three different fonts. We are committed to delivering the best engraving possible, and we inscribe the full form of the letter on every nurses fob watch as opposed to just the outline.

Details Make The Difference image

Details Make The Difference

It is the added detail to an Engravers Guild nurses watch which makes the gift that bit more special. Each fob is presented in a custom gift box, being either the pink and black boxes from Henley or a signature box from Engravers Guild.

In addition, all purchases are delivered with the option of a complimentary gift card, designed to convey a touch of extra sentiment so as to make receiving the gift a memorable experience.

The complete package is then assembled into an Engravers Guild carrier box.

Brands of Nurse Watch

Ravel Nurse Fob Watches

Engravers Guild of London is proud to present a full collection of nurse watches from Ravel. Manufactured in the Far East with a precision Japanese movement, Ravel fob watches offer a strong value option for durable and reliable time keeping.

Originally focused on clean stainless steel models of nurse watch, the brand has developed a fashion orientated range of personalised fobs. New styles include rose gold finishes, luminous dials, mesh straps and diamante crystals.

Ravel Nurse Fob Watches image

Henley Engraved Nurse Watches

Henley was founded in 2004 to offer modern and aspirational designs for all timepieces, including nurse fob watches. The design team os forward focused, constantly developing new styles with rich palettes of colour and uncompromising individuality.

Their nurses watches are presented in beautiful signature packaging from Henley. A black cushion and pretty pink box accord with the feminine styling of the fob watches and make a stunning present for her.

Henley Engraved Nurse Watches image

Mount Royal Nurses Fob Watch

Mount Royal is an established brand with a rich pedigree. Based in London’s Hatton Garden, The label has been creating high-end timepieces for many decades. Their personalized nurse watches are a beautiful addition to the collection, and boast classic styling.

The Mount Royal fobs for nurses all feature pulsation numbers around the rim for checking blood pressure and pulse. Their clean design also make them suitable for hygienic environments and medical practices.

Mount Royal Nurses Fob Watch image

Woodford Personalised Nurse Watch Fob

The Woodford fob watch for nurses is perhaps the most traditionally designed piece in the Engravers Guild collection. Showcasing a clean stainless steel case, the precision engineered casing is perfect for medical environments.

The Woodford nurse watch also lends itself to being a perfect engraved gift. Both the front of the brooch pin and the reverse of the case can be personalised. The presentation in a leather case sets off the nurses watch and delivers a special opening experience.

Woodford Personalised Nurse Watch Fob image

Jean Pierre Fob Watch For Nurses

Jean Pierre strives to deliver the very best quality in timekeeping. Their luxury timepieces are made in Switzerland and the personalised nurses watches adhere to the highest standards of Swiss manufacture.

A Jean Pierre nurse watch is guaranteed to become a treasured possession for a medical professional, designed to last for an entire career.

Jean Pierre Fob Watch For Nurses image

Colour Variants of Nurse Watches

Silver Nurse Fob Watch image

Silver Nurse Fob Watch

Stainless steel personalised nurse watches continue to be an enduring favourite and the most popular variant in the collection. Nurses fob watches have traditionally been silver in colour, famously contrasting against the blue and white uniforms famously worn by nurses in the first half of the twentieth century.

Despite the vast expansion in styles and choice of fob watches, the Classic Ravel Nurse Watch and the Woodford Nurses Watch are still the most sought-after pieces available. The clean finish and simple design makes them clear choices for medical environments.

Gold Nurses Watches image

Gold Nurses Watches

The gold nurse fob watch has been growing in popularity over the last 30 years. First finding a market in the 1990s, they were a favoured piece for beauticians and make-up artists in the growing beauty industry. Their increase in demand came with the trend for gold jewellery, and beauticians complemented the nurse watches with additional accessories.

Now favoured beyond the beauty industry, the gold nurse watch has found broad appeal amongst medical professionals and offers a flash of distinctiveness on the hospital ward and in medical practices.

Rose Gold Nurses Watch image

Rose Gold Nurses Watch

The rose gold nurse watch is the most recent colour offer from Engravers Guild. Rarely available a few years ago, rose gold has enjoyed rising popularity amongst the millennial generation and is the second most popular option for nurse watches. As well as a single-colour option, nurse watches are also featuring rose gold as an accent colour with silver and ceramic.

With the existing collection being expanded to feature more rose gold nurses watches, there is expectation that the preference for rose gold will continue to grow for nurses and beauticians.

Types of Material for Nurse Watches

Stainless Steel Fobs

Stainless steel is the fist-choice material for a fob watch. Since stainless steel became mass produced in the early twentieth century, the anti corrosive properties of the material made it an obvious choice for nurses watches. Being resistant to tarnishing and rust, the fobs could be easily cleaned with damaging the watch case or movement inside.

The basic construction of a nurses fob watch has remained the same ever since and the material is incorporated into all fobs today even if it is not the dominant material.

Stainless Steel Fobs image

Silicone Fob Watches

The water repellant qualities of silicone based gels lends itself to environments with a focus on sanitary requirements. Silicone nurses watches became prevalent at the turn of this century for their hygienic and affordable qualities. Silicone is able to be developed into any number of colour ways and designs, though Engravers Guild currently offers white, blue and red.

While it is not possible to engrave onto silicone with a diamond cutter, the silicone fob watches usually encase a stainless steel case and movement where the inscription can be made.

Silicone Fob Watches image

Ceramic Nurse Watch

Although widely used for centuries in decorative art, ceramics have more recently been applied to timepieces. Coming into fashion for watches about 10 years ago, the trend spawned numerous collections of nurse fobs in the same style. Beauticians especially prized the contemporary white styling and adopted the fashion for their fob watches.

Our collection of ceramic nurse watches are embellished with rose gold and gold steel as well as diamante crystals.

Ceramic Nurse Watch image

Nurse Watch Strap Styles

Bracelet Strap image

Bracelet Strap

The most popular style of strap for nurse watches, the bracelet strap has been almost the ubiquitous style. This is characterised by the case of the timepiece hanging by a number of interlocking links, as is commonly found on a wristwatch.

Best selling models such as the Woodford and Classic Ravel nurse watch all feature the bracelet strap style, typically in stainless steel. The option is a practical solution for nurses and beauticians, with the links being robust.

Pendant Fob on Chain image

Pendant Fob on Chain

The pendant fobs were popularised in Victorian times. The advent of mass production timepieces were most commonly sported on the end of a chain, especially for gentlemen resplendent with their pocket watches. The nurse fob watch followed suit, and they started to be worn on the breast hanging upside down.

The pendant fob on chain is not a fashion orientated piece and often is associated with high quality. We are pleased to offer a Mount Royal nurse watch in both silver and gold finish, as well as the Jean Pierre fob.

Mesh Strap image

Mesh Strap

A new style in the last couple of years, mesh strapping has quickly come to vogue. Characterised by its closely woven steel links, it is associated with contemporary sensibilities. Available in silver with either a blue, white or champagne dial, the Ravel nurse fob collection with mesh straps has been a popular line.

A nurse watch with a mesh strap offers robust wearability, though can be more difficult to clean thoroughly. The tightly woven links can be more difficult to access, though can still be easily wiped with a sanitised cloth.

Rigid Strap image

Rigid Strap

Rigid straps are usually associated with fashion orientated jewellery, and have recently been incorporated into the design of nurses watches. Perhaps favoured by beauticians, the models with rigid straps often feature diamante crystals and rose gold accents.

An advantage of nurse fobs with a fixed strap is that it is extremely robust. The rigid design also means that the metal can be formed into more intricate styles, bringing interest and individuality to the timepieces.

How to fasten a nurses fob watch

Step 1 - undo the clasp

While nurses watches come in a variety of shapes and styles, they all feature the same fastening mechanism. On the reverse of the brooch is a badge pin. First, undo the pin by rotating the catch so that the gap in the circular design aligns with the gate of the pin fastening.

When the two parts are aligned, use your thumb and forefinger to carefully slip the pin through the space so that it is in the open position.

Step 1 - undo the clasp image

Step 2 - position the nurse watch

With the pin in the open position, place the fob watch above where it is to be worn. Then carefully pull the garment away from the body so that the pin can be pushed through. Push the pin into the garment, then angle the pin again so that it can be pushed back out of the garment.

Having done this, the tip of the pin should now be sitting near the gate of the fastening. Again, make sure that the opening in the fastening is aligned with the gate, and push through the pin.

Step 2 - position the nurse watch image

Step 3 - close the pin

All that is left now is to close the pin on the nurse fob watch. This should fix the timepiece to the garment, and should be positioned so that the face of the watch is easy to read. Typically, a nurse watch is worn on the left hand side from the wearer’s point of view, though can be worn on the right if this clashes with a crest on the nurse tunic.

Step 3 - close the pin image

History of the Nurse Fob Watch

Early Twentieth Century image

Early Twentieth Century

While the wearing of a personalised nurses watches is a predominantly British tradition, some of the earliest references to them can be found in the US. An American Navy Nurse Corps General Uniform Instructions in 1917 notes that, “No ornaments or jewelry other than a plain watch fob to be worn while on duty. Plain wrist watches are permitted to be worn except when center-indicated by professional duties.”

Late Twentieth Century image

Late Twentieth Century

A turning point came in the history of the nurse watch with the creation of the NHS in 1948. As the uniform was codified, the type of allowed timepiece was recorded: “Wrist watches must not be worn but securely pinned (similar to a fob watch) to the uniform to prevent any hazard to patients”.

This advice became a continuing feature of nurse attire throughout the rest of the twentieth century and the nurse fob watch was considered an essential accessory.

Twenty First Century image

Twenty First Century

Since the inception of the National Health Service, personalised nurses watches have continued in popularity amongst nurses. They often hold sentimental value as well, with a personalised nurse watch often being gifted as a graduation present.

Moreover, the use of nurse fob watches has proliferated throughout other professions. Beauticians, veterinary nurses and make-up artists all commonly sport a nurse watch. The absence of a strap around the wrist offers a cleaner solution to telling the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nurses fob watch?

A nurse watch is a timepiece designed for for environments where there is an important focus on hygiene and sanitation. They are characterised by a watch case being suspended on a single strap, and are attached to a person’s clothing. Typically, the nurse fob is suspended at the 6 o’ clock position, so that the person can read the time when looking down. They are attached to clothing as opposed to being worn on the wrist so that they do not interfere when the person is working with their hands in a sterile environment.

What is a nurses fob watch? image

Why do nurses wear fob watches?

Nurses wear fob watches instead of wrist watches for hygienic reasons. They are worn attached to the chest so that they do not interfere in sterile environments when nurses are working with their hands. Where there is a strong emphasis on sanitation, fob watches are worn against the body so that they are less likely to pick up bacteria and spread viruses to other parts of a medical practice. The busy scheduled of a nurse requires that they keep to time and have a timepiece that is easy to refer to throughout the day.

Why do nurses wear fob watches? image

What is the best nurse watch?

The best nurse watch is the Woodford Nurse Fob, as recommended by Engravers Guild of London. Its classic styling offers an easy-to-read dial and the minimal embellishment on the watch case makes it easy to clean. The timepiece is constructed to a high quality, with a two year guarantee should something go wrong. The broad brooch pin and smooth case-back also make it the perfect choice for a personalised nurse watch.

What is the best nurse watch? image

How much does a nurse watch cost?

Nurses watches come at a variety of price points, ranging between £27 and £65 at Engravers Guild of London. The most affordable nurse watch is the slimline Ravel timepiece which offers classical styling in a neat and compact case. The majority of fob watches are priced £30 to £35, while luxury nurse watches start at £42.50. The most expensive piece is the Jean Pierre model which is made in Switzerland with precision engineering.

How much does a nurse watch cost? image

Personalisation Options

Engraving on front image

Engraving on front

Engravers Guild of London is proud to offer a complimentary engraving option on all of its personalised nurses watches. The most common option is for a name or short message to be engraved on the front of the timepiece on the brooch bar. Typically, up to 14 characters is possible, though do get in touch with our Customer Services Team on the CONTACT page if you require additional characters for your engraved nurse fob.

Engraving on reverse image

Engraving on reverse

Where possible, an option to engrave on the reverse of the nurse watch is offered. All of the Woodford, Mount Royal and Jean Pierre models feature smooth case backs and can accommodate a sizeable engraved message. Henley and Ravel nurse watches currently are branded with the makers’ marks on the reverse of the timepiece. As such, a reverse engraving is not possible though a new case back is in development so that this service can be offered.

Engraving on front and reverse image

Engraving on front and reverse

For that extra special piece, we are happy to engrave on both the front and reverse where possible. While Engravers Guild offers one complimentary engraving per item, there is an administrative fee of £4 for a second engraving to cover the setup cost. Should you like a second engraving on your personalised nurse watch, just get in touch with our Customer Service Team and they will be pleased to assist further.

Nurses Fob Watch Engraved

Engravers Guild of London is pleased to offer this carefully curated collection of fob watches for nurses and beauticians. Each one has been selected to showcase the personalised element, and so express a special sentiment between the recipient and the giver. The category ranges from classic and simple designs to more glamorous pieces with ceramic detail and diamante stones, offering something appropriate for all types of working environment.

The Engraving Process

At Engravers Guild we are committed to delivering the best quality engraving in the UK. All of our gifts are engraved with diamond tipped machine cutters, ensuring a deep and lasting impression in the metal. We engineer jigs (precision clamps to delicately hold the item in place) so that our engraving is perfect every time and sat centrally in the surface of the piece. Once inscribed, the customised nurses watch is given a final hand polish before being sent out.

Henley and Ravel Nurses Timepieces

The personalised collection is comprised of Henley, Ravel and Censi fob watches. Censi offers a good value economy selection at a relatively cheap price, while the Ravel items bring more durability in the polished stainless steel styles which are a popular choice for health workers and medical professionals. Many beauticians, meanwhile, favour the Henley timepieces, bringing a sense of fun and glamour to their work and having a showpiece to wear every day.

Engravers Guild Presentation

We believe that receiving a gift is not just about the item in itself, but it is about the entire gifting experience. At Engravers Guild of London we have spent time in developing our beautiful signature packaging to ensure that every Engravers Guild gift received is a memorable occasion. Our complimentary service also includes a personal gift card which extends the message delivered and conveys a very special sentiment with the personalised nurses watch.