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Personalised Clipper Lighters

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  • engraved clipper lighter silver back

    Silver Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • engraved clipper rainbow lighter

    Rainbow Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • rose gold clipper lighter engraved

    Rose Gold Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • engraved clipper lighter in brushed steel

    Brushed Steel Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • gold clipper lighter engraved

    Gold Clipper Lighter Engraved


  • engraved clipper jet flame lighter

    Personalised Jet Lighter



Engraved Clipper Lighters by Engravers Guild

Expertly Engraved image

Expertly Engraved

Custom Clipper lighters are expertly finished by Engravers Guild of London with the highest quality diamond-tipped cutters. The full form of each letter is inscribed, as opposed to just the outline, leaving a clean and lasting impression in the surface of the lighter.

Use our proprietary Engraving Preview tool to visualise the message and font you would like on the Clipper.

Beautiful Presentation

All custom Clipper lighters sold by Engravers Guild of London are presented in an official Clipper metal case. This comes delivered in our signature black and white branded packaging, complete with personal gift card and luxurious tissue paper to finish a very special engraved gift experience.

Beautiful Presentation image

The Gift Experience image

The Gift Experience

Every personalised gift from Engravers Guild of London is designed to create a lasting impression when opening. The engraved Clipper lighter comes housed in a branded tin, and then is carried in our signature black and white transit box, complete with personal gift card and luxury tissue paper.

About Clipper Lighters

Clipper is one of the most recognisable brands of lighters in the world. Manufacturing almost 450 million units every year, it is the second largest producer of lighters after Bic and manages distribution to over 80 countries. Started in Barcelona in 1959 by the Puig family, it created the world’s first refillable gas lighter and now operates production from India and China as well as Spain. Over the last 40 years, more than 10,000 different personalised lighter designs have been created, with many editions becoming highly prized collectors’ items. They have also been embraced by popular culture in the UK, with a list of artists referencing the item in their work. Most recently, Ed Sheeran named Clipper in his song “Drunk” with the line: “There may be other people like us / Who see the flicker of the Clipper when they light up”. Clippers have also been featured by Damien Hirst and The Streets.

Refilling your Personalised Lighter

Engraved Clipper lighters are an eco-friendly item that should never need to be disposed of as they can be used again and again. When refilling the lighter make sure premium butane gas is used. Try to avoid cans with plastic fill-tip nozzles as these can be liable to cause irregular ignition. To refill, turn the Clipper lighter the wrong way up and do not inject air into the piece. Next, gently shake the canister of butane gas and firmly push the stem of the refill can in to the red valve on the underside of the lighter. Maintaining a straight position, hold the can in this position for about three to four seconds to allow the gas to fill. This should be a clean and neat process: if there is leakage then it would indicate that either the gas canister was not held in a straight position or that the refill nozzle is the wrong size.

Changing the flint

Clipper lighters are unique in the way that the flint can be withdrawn from the barrel. To replace the flint, simply extract the metal barrel to allow access to the flint mechanism. Next, you need to use a small coin or something similar to unscrew the small plastic bottom. Be careful at this stage that the flint is pulled out delicately as the internal spring can fire it out! Once the spring is safely taken out, insert the new flint in to the personalised lighter. Finally, re-assemble the spring parts, insert them again into the lighter, tighten the screw… and then you’re good to go.

Our Engraving Process

Engravers Guild of London is committed to delivering the best quality engraving possible. We use only the highest grade diamond-tipped machine tools, cutting a permanent and lasting impression in the metal and guaranteeing the personalisation for many years – or even generations – to come. Each personalised Clipper lighter is individually finished by hand and inspected for quality by our head engraver, ensuring that we despatch only the finest engraved gifts in the UK. Should there be any issue with the engraving, then we are happy to offer either a full refund of the item cost or an immediate replacement when the original purchase is returned to our workshop.