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Personalised Whisky Glasses

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  • j3313-personalised-whisky-glass

    Personalised Bar Line Whisky Glass


  • personalised-whisky-glass

    Personalised Lead Crystal Whisky Glass


  • Dorchester-whiskey-tumbler-hero2

    Dorchester Double Old Fashioned Tumbler


  • 42565-personalised-whisky-glass

    Personalised Bubble Base Whisky Glass Tumbler


  • vg005-pewter-personalised

    Personalised Pewter Whisky Glass Tumbler


  • ST3180/8-brandy-glass-personalised

    Dartington Just The One Brandy Glass


  • dartington-armchair-whiskey-glass

    Dartington Personalised Armchair Whisky Glass


  • TU3262/5/6PK-whiskey-glass-personalised-gift

    Dartington Personalised Classic Whisky Glass


  • TU3061-personalised-whisky-glass

    Dartington Personalised Connoisseur Whisky Glass


  • HB507/4PK-whiskey-tumbler-personalised

    Dartington Personalised Home Bar Whisky Glass


  • stag104r-personalised-pewter

    Personalised Pewter Stag Head Whisky Glass


  • stag200-personalised-pewter

    Personalised Copper Stag Head Whisky Glass


  • tall-whiskey-glass

    Personalised Elegante Whisky Glass


  • dartington-stag-whiskey-glass

    Dartington Personalised Stag Aspect Whisky Glass


  • cel622-personalised-whisky-tumbler

    Personalised Pewter Celtic Whisky Glass Tumbler


  • tum07-pewter-personalised

    Personalised Skull and Cross Bones Whisky Glass


  • dartington-armchair-brandy-glass

    Dartington Personalised Armchair Brandy Glass


  • low-dartington-whiskey-glass

    Dartington Personalised Excellence Whisky Glass


  • electra-personalised-tumbler

    Personalised Infinity Whisky Glass Tumbler


  • personalised-whisky-glass

    Personalised Metallic Rainbow Tumbler Glass



Personalised Whiskey Tumbler Collection

Our Whiskey Glasses image

Our Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey, or whisky, has been a drink loved for hundreds of years, with the spirit enjoying a further renaissance of late with exponential growth around the world. Traditionally considered as suiting a gentleman’s palette, it is considered a very personal drink to be enjoyed at special and intimate moments.

Our personalised whiskey collection has been designed to deliver a complete destination for styles of engraved whisky tumbler. Old fashioned glasses, rocks glasses, highballs, crystal and pewter styles have been curated to offer what – we believe – is the most complete selection of personalised whiskey glasses.

The Engraving

At Engravers Guild of London, we have built our reputation on the quality of our personalisation. We take great pride in the way we prepare, personalise, present and package all of our items. We understand that our gifts are bought to mark special life occasions, and everything we do is designed to last a lifetime.

All of our whiskey tumblers have been selected to showcase the personalised element. Whether it be initials, a name, occasion or a message, each tumbler has been hand-picked for the conveyance of a special sentiment.

The Engraving image

Our Presentation

First impressions count, so our packaging has been designed to create a memorable opening experience. Every personalised whiskey glass is delivered in a silk-lined presentation box. From the black and white signature packaging of Engravers Guild’s own brand to the ivory and black tones of English Pewter Company, the luxury packaging enhance the whisky tumbler.

A complimentary gift card is also delivered with each personalised gift. Enclosed in the presentation box with the engraved whiskey glass, it brings together a complete gift experience.

Our Presentation image

How to pick your Whiskey Glass

Tumbler Glass

The classic of the personalised whiskey glasses, it is also known as a Rocks or Old Fashioned. It is perhaps the most popular of all the styles, synonymous with scenes from the silver screen of dashing actors exuding cool energy. It speaks to values of style, distinction and sophistication.

The wide opening is perfect for containing ice, and the size is versatile for serving whiskey either on the rocks or as a cocktail. Perhaps not the glass for a purist drinker, though, the straight sides do not lend themselves for ‘nosing’ and appreciating the aromas.

Tumbler Glass image

Highball Glass

The Highball personalised whiskey glass is designed for cocktails. Holding more volume, it is perfect for mixers and additional ingredients, as well as copious amounts of ice. Typically featuring a thick-set and heavy base, the weight is intended to help stop the glass toppling over and creating spillages.

It is ideally suited to the most classic of cocktail combinations, such as whiskey-soda and whiskey-coke. The high sides allow for a long and relaxing drink.

Highball Glass image

Snifter Glass

Commonly associated with the traditional gentleman’s club, this personalised whiskey glass also goes by the Balloon, Brandy Bowl, or Cognac Glass. It is considered a ‘tasting’ glass as the tulip shape funnels the aromas and the broad base allows for the whiskey to be gently warmed in the hand for a long and considered drink.

However, the shaping of the glass can encourage the release of harsh ethanol vapours which some whiskey drinkers may not like.

Snifter Glass image

Glencairn Glass

Unsurprisingly, this type of personalised whiskey glass is closely associated with Scotland. Also being of the ‘tasting’ variety, the shaping is designed to maximise the aromas and tasting notes. The broad base and narrow rim funnels the notes towards the drinker for a complete tasting experience.

The shape also encourages swirling, as it can be easily cupped in the hand. This opens the aromas of the drink for a full appreciation. You are in good company with this personalised whiskey glass, as it is the official vestibule for the tasters in all Scottish and Irish distilleries.

Glencairn Glass image

Personalised whiskey tumblers

Engravers Guild of London is delighted to present this collection of personalised whiskey glasses. Offering all styles and finishes, the selection continues to grow into one of the leading destinations for whiskey glassware in the UK. Encompassing Old Fashioned, Highball and Tulip glasses, there are options for established drinkers as well as those discovering the spirit for the first time.

Selecting an engraved whiskey glass

Not all whisky glasses are designed for the same purpose. Whether you be drinking a cocktail or a mixer, or whether you want to take a long appreciation of the drink or a quick shot, each style has been formed for particular drinking needs.

There are four basic criteria to consider when choosing a whiskey glass: aroma, temperature, taste, serving.

For more discerning whiskey palettes, drinkers will be opting for maximum flavour. For this, a tulip shaped glass would serve best as the shape encourages the release of aromas, heightening the tasting experience. For more casual drinking, though, then a shorter and squatter glass may be suited, especially if ice is used. Refer to our Selection Guide above for more information.