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Silver Marmite Lid Engraved

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  • Personalised-Valentines-Marmite-Lid

    Valentine’s Silver Marmite Lid – 250g


  • silver marmite engraved lid with personalisation

    Silver Marmite Lid Engraved 125g


  • Gold-Marmite-Lid-Engraved-250g

    Gold Vermeil Marmite Lid 250g


  • solid silver marmite lid personalised

    Silver Marmite Lid Engraved 250g


  • 500g silver marmite lid engraved with custom message

    Silver Marmite Lid Engraved 500g


  • personalised solid silver marmite lid 70g with engraving

    Silver Marmite Lid Engraved 70g


  • BREXIT-Marmite-hero

    Brexit/Remain Silver Marmite Lid (250g)



Solid Sterling Silver Marmite Lids

Precision Engraving image

Precision Engraving

Engravers Guild of London uses the latest technology and traditional cutting techniques to ensure the finest possible quality engraving.

Each personalised silver Marmite lid is finished with a diamond tipped machine cutter, creating a solid and permanent impression.

Details Make The Difference

It is the details of a personalised gift from Engravers Guild of London that really makes the difference.

Each silver Marmite lid is processed and finished to the most exacting standards, presented in a complimentary Engravers Guild gift box for the extra special experience when opening. Complete within the gift box is luxury tissue paper, and a finely printed gift card with personalised message.

An Engravers Guild gift is guaranteed to make an impression to remember.

Details Make The Difference image

Manufactured In England image

Manufactured In England

Engravers Guild of London partners with only the very finest manufacturers and engravers, and is proud to source the solid sterling silver Marmite lids from the UK.

Made in Birmingham’s manufacturing district, our Marmite lids are made by some of the country’s most skilled silversmiths whose families have been working in the industry for generations.

The hallmark is a guarantee of quality that ensures a very special gifting experience.

Marmite partners with Engravers Guild to create Special Gold Jar

Personalised Silver Marmite Lids 70g, 125g, 250g, 500g

Whether you hate the famous yeast extract spread, or whether you think it is great, these solid sterling silver Marmite lids for the 70g, 125g, 250g and 500g jars are enough to turn even the most ardent critics of the topping into grudging admirers. An engraved gift which will last forever, the lids continue to impress time and again whenever brought out of the cupboard, and the personalised element imparts a very special value.

Made In England

Engravers Guild of London is proud to partner with some of the finest British manufacturers of silverware. Each silver Marmite lid is made in Birmingham using traditional techniques to produce beautifully finished gifts. Using the process of ‘metal spinning’ – moving silver discs over formers to produce hollow shapes – the lids are created by hand before being individually polished in the workshop and sent to the Birmingham Assay Office for hallmarking.

Expert Engraving And Presentation

It is the extra details which make a gift from Engravers Guild of London that extra bit more special. Every item is personalised with expert engraving using a traditional diamond tipped cutter, so as to ensure a deep and lasting impression that endures for years to come. The gift is then presented with a personal card and message, and delivered in our signature black and white packaging.

Personalised Silver Colman’s Mustard Lids 100g, 170g

Complementing the range of engraved silver Marmite lids are the silver lids for Colman’s Mustard. An essential condiment for every Englishman and woman, the silver lids elevate an everyday item into a stunning showpiece for the kitchen and dining room table. Fitting the 100g and 170g jars, they are embellished with a feature hallmark from the Birmingham Assay Office and finished to a high polish before being engraved with a personalised message for a truly special gift.