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Engraving the ‘word’ in ‘sword’

engraved sword wonder woman

One of the beauties of engraved cufflinks, an engraved bracelet or engraved necklace is that the inscription is often completely unbeknown to everyone but the wearer. It’s the individual and personal connection that makes it special.

At Engravers Guild, we have to appreciate this sentiment that Batman Vs Superman director, Zack Snyder, shared when he commissioned an engraving on Wonder Woman’s sword.

Although it would have gone completely unnoticed by the audience, the sword featured an engraving which was inspired by a phrase from the mythologist Joseph Campbell’s book Goddesses: Mystery of the Feminine Divine.

Moreover, to keep the authenticity of Wonder Woman’s heritage, an entirely unique language was developed just for the engraving.

At the despatch centre for Engravers Guild, we are often impressed by the originality some people bring to their engraved gifts, but first prize this week certainly goes to Mr Zack Snyder.