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We agree with Claudia Winkelman

It’s the most… wonderful time… of the year.

The advent calendars start work tomorrow, properly heralding the coming of Christmas.

While it’s easy to be distracted by the festive parties, mulled wine, woolly jumpers, carols and much more besides, we of course have to plan ahead and make sure we’re buying our loved ones the presents they really deserve.

Luckily for the British public, we are inundated by choice and different options. Every newspaper supplement is bursting with suggestions and novelty ideas, inspiring us on what best to buy.

A favourite columnist of ours here at Engravers Guild is Claudia Winkelman in the Sunday Times. We adore her unfiltered thoughts and smile at her direct comments.

Delighted we were, then, to read her latest column on Christmas gifting.

Her words rang true exactly. The best gifts in life are the most personal – it’s not the cost of the item that matters, but the sentiment.

And while that was enough to satisfy every member of our team, her recommendations got even better.

Amongst the proposed gifts of sweet treats, stationary and handbags, her number one present for the season is… a jar of personalised Marmite.

Claudia gave details on how to order a jar of Marmite with a person’s name printed on the label – perfect for lovers of the famous yeast extract spread.

However, if only if only Claudia knew about something special that’s available from Engravers Guild. For sitting primly in our online catalogue of gifts is a beautiful collection of solid silver Marmite lids.

Whatsmore, each lid is complimentary finished by our expert engravers with an inscription of your choice for the personal touch.

Made in sunny Birmingham by a well-established silversmiths, the workshop is one of the few remaining places in the UK that still keeps the traditional skill of metal spinning alive.

All our of custom gifts come in beautiful presentation packaging. So if you, like Claudia, want to give some special Marmite this Christmas, then do think of us and we’ll be happy to help.