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“A Brief History Of Time” engraved forever

stephen hawking space

It is with sadness that we here at Engravers Guild of London mourn the passing of one of history’s greatest scientists, Stephen Hawking.

The theoretical physicist died last week at his home in Cambridge after life living with ALS. Diagnosed with the disease at 21 years of age, he was expected to live just a couple of years but went on to reach the grand age of 76.

Already regarded as a legend within the field of cosmology, he first came to the world’s attention in 1974 with the publication of his theory on black hole radiation in the journal ‘Nature’.

It went on to become one of the foundation theories in astro physics and a defining concept to create a complete understanding of the universe, combining gravity with quantum mechanics.

His original theory propelled his career and opened opportunities that he followed throughout his life.

It is fitting, therefore, that it is understood that Stephen Hawking’s wish was for his famous equation to be engraved on his tombstone.

He, like Engravers Guild, held the belief that there is no better way to enshrine a moment in time that to capture it forever in an engraving.

While we commend his achievements in cosmology, stand in awe of their genius and agree that an equation would look clever on his headstone… we must confess, that we have no idea what the equation actually means.

So the team here thought we would look at some other suggestions for what we could remember him by.

Indeed, as much as his theories touched the scientific community, it was probably his display of human spirit that touched the world.

If it was up to us, we would choose this quote of his to remember him by:

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet… there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don’t just give up”.

Goodbye Professor Hawking. Rest in peace.