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Engraved cufflinks are Cameron’s best state gift

In the latest of our series of blogs about world leaders and their cufflinks, we turn this week to the venerable ex Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Sartorially known for his reserved navy suits in London and his reserved navy swimming shorts in Tenerife, it seems he also had a soft spot for the favourite of men’s accessories – personalised silver cufflinks.

According to rules for members of the British government, all gifts received when in office must be publicly recorded and transfer to the property of the state if more than £140.

The caveat is that the individuals can reclaim the gifts if they pay for the estimated value of them.

So it was interesting to see which items Dave decided to cough up for when he unceremoniously left Number 10 Downing Street last year.

From the impressive array of swanky gifts proffered by Presidents, Sultans, Tzars, Sheiks, Kings and Queens, it seems there was only one which really took Mr Cameron’s fancy.

A pair of customised cufflinks believed to include the initials ‘DC’ is all that was kept from the swag bag of international gifts, requiring the former PM to stump up £150.

Downing Street confirmed the smart gift was given to Mr Cameron by a member of the public, but refused to give any other details as to whom the mystery donor might be.

Here at Engravers Guild, we can understand why it was this gift above all others that our former Prime Minister decided to keep.

A pair of personalised cufflinks is a special gift, being unique to the receiver, saying something of the giver, and holding lasting value.

We would like to say that it was indeed us who gifted these special cufflinks anonymously, but alas not.

Should Theresa May ever go needing for a pair, though, then we would be happy to oblige – as we are for all people who want to give something for that special occasion.