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Engraved cufflinks for a Vice President

Joe Biden Carlingford CentreJoe Biden Carlingford Centre

Engraved cufflinks have a rich history in commemorating notable events for distinguished gentlemen, and Engravers Guild was pleased to see the tradition continued in Ireland this week.

To welcome the US Vice President, Joe Biden, to Louth, he was presented with a pair of engraved sterling silver cufflinks.

The Argus reported that the engraved cufflinks were part of a gift set which also included a wooden replica of the Train Bull – a symbol of the area – to celebrate the award of the ‘Freedom of Louth’ to the American dignitary.

In recognition of the importance of personalised gifting, the Train Bull was carved from wood which was taken from the site of the Battle of the Boyne on the day of the battle in early July 1690.

Wood from the same tree was also used in the manufacture of the Freedom of Drogheda box for the current Irish President, Michael Huggins.

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