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Engraved in film history

engraved light sabre

In homage to a forthcoming international day of celebration, this week we wanted to write about… Star Wars.

Indeed, in a few days’ time is international Star Wars Day. On 4th May.

May the 4th be with you.

Apparently the occasion properly caught traction with the advent of social media, when fans across the world tweeted the hashtag to millions of the Twitteratti.

However, the phrase, in fact, has earlier origins.

The play on words “May the 4th be with you” was actually first used in 1979, the first day that Margaret Thatcher took office as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

It was run as an advert in the London Evening News, dedicated to Margaret Thatcher from her Conservative Party to wish her luck at the beginning of her premiership.

Since then, though, it has been adopted by the Star Wars franchise, with Disney even running special events at its theme parks.

But, as ever, the real reason we’re writing about Star Wars on the Engravers Guild blog is so that we can talk about… special engraved gifts.

There is perhaps no more iconic an item for Star Wars fans than the light sabre.

Every light sabre that has been used in the films has become one of the most coveted piece of film memorabilia in the history of cinema.

But one particular light sabre perhaps is better than all the rest.

When Samuel L Jackson took part as a Jedi in one of the instalments, the crew did something a little special for his light sabre.

Just above the grip of the handle of the weapon, the crew had engraved the characters: “BMF”.

As the Hollywood actor revealed on the Graham Norton Show, this was in reference to one of his most famous lines from Pulp Fiction: “Bad Mother F****r”.

And that is the beauty of an engraving. Where the initials B M F mean nothing on their own, it’s the story behind them which gives life and brings value.

So on this May 4th, choose from any of our engraved gifts such as personalised pocket watches and create your own piece of memorabilia.