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An engraved gift… fit for a Prince

Prince Harry engraved gift

It wasn’t just Meghan’s “Big Day”, but a Big Day for the world, as an estimated 2 billion people watched some of the ceremony and 19 million Brits followed the whole thing.

And no wedding would be complete without the celebrity guest list.

Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, the Beckhams, Elton John and almost the whole cast of Suits were there to witness the event and bask in their reflected glory.

However, notable for their absence were the politicians.

No foreign dignitaries, Parliamentarians, or even Barack Obama made the guest list, there being a serving blacklist of anyone deemed of political persuasion.

While this kept Donald Trump and Co. off UK shores, it didn’t stop them having some part to play in proceedings, albeit small.

Because while they may not have been there in person, there was nothing stopping them from contributing a wedding gift… often announced to the world via Twitter.

In keeping with the request from the happy couple, most gifts took the form of a donation to a chosen charity.

The Australian Prime Minister made a donation to the Invictus Games, which will be hosted down under later this year. Meanwhile Justin Trudeau even pledged $50,000 to a Canadian cause.

The French, though, like to do things their own way… and a way that we here approve of at Engravers Guild.

For the President from Paris, M Emmanuel Macron, followed his country’s own tradition when it comes to Royal weddings, gifting a personalised piece from the ST Dupont brand.

The gift, from the 007 Collection, features a pen and lighter.

Apparently this custom of giving a bespoke gift goes back to the time when the Queen married Prince Philip, with the couple receiving a personalised travel case from the French Republic.

And, more recently, President Nicolas Sarkozy gave the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge two engraved cases, containing pens and a lighter, for their nuptials.

While many of our readers may not have a French President on their invite list, look no further if you are still secretly seeking to receive a pen and lighter to commemorate your betrothal…

Our range of personalised lighters brings the very best of the most famous lighter brands together, and our pens are exquisitely made by Clewley in Birmingham.

…then who can say that your Big Day doesn’t match up to that of Harry and Meghan.