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Our Engraved Gift for Mother’s Day

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Everybody knows there is nothing that can repay a mother’s love. But…

…we think we may have the next best thing.

This year, Engravers Guild wanted to create a special engraved gift for all the mums – we wanted it to be touching and something that would be an enduring keepsake.

The famous saying goes: “A picture speaks a thousand words”. As such, we thought that instead of inscribing just text, we would engrave a picture.

A locket was felt to be the perfect canvas for this work of art, as further pictures could be added inside to create a story in itself.

And so became… The Mummy Locket.

Offered in sterling 925 silver with additional options of gold plate or rose gold plate, The Mummy Locket is a beautiful oval locket that is exquisitely crafted and finished to a brilliant polish.

Send us a drawing (preferably a line drawing, and with high colour contrast), and we’ll send you back a preview of your engraved locket for you to review.

Our engraved lockets collection has been a favourite amongst social media influencers and bloggers, with a number of our pieces featured by some of the most followed online channels.

Every item is inscribed with the finest diamond-tipped cutters so as to ensure a lasting impression that will endure for years to come.

Presented in our signature packaging and with custom gift card, opening The Mummy Locket is a memorable experience that will come to life again and again every time she wears the piece of jewellery.

Let us know if you would like some text engraved on the back, and we’ll also add that for free of charge. Whether is be your name, the date or just a couple of kisses, it’s all the little touches that add up to make it something truly special.

So have a look, send us a picture, and we’ll send you back something that is guaranteed to make a great Mother’s Day.