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The engraving is Bond, James Bond


Although anonymity is of real consequence when operating in the espionage line of work, even undercover agents need a little individuality for when the occasion requires.

The UK’s most notable secret operative has such confidence in his code name that he throws caution to the wind in his latest outing as 007, displaying his personal style on his sleeve.

As an enduring benchmark for men’s dress, James Bond’s wardrobe in ‘Spectre’ pays homage to the importance of the engraved sterling silver cufflink in fashion.

Complementing his trademark dinner suit on the Moroccan train ride, Daniel Craig this time wears his style on his sleeve with a pair of silver cufflinks monogrammed with his initials.

The oval, pale grey mother-of-pearl cufflinks let the personalisation take centre stage and feature the ‘JB’ letters as the showpiece of the fasteners.

Designed by Jany Temime and made by Tom Ford, four pairs of these cufflinks were made for Bond in the latest Hollywood film – three pairs being held in the EON archive now, and one pair put up for auction.

As part of a charity initiative for Médecins Sans Frontières, Christie’s Auction House hosted an online sale and featured the cufflinks with an asking price of £2,000 – £3,000.

Auctioned in 2016, the chance to own a piece of James Bond memorabilia has long gone. Who bought them – we do not know. Perhaps… the new owner values their anonymity more than the secret agent himself.