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Engraving a new relationship

Amid today’s shifting sands of politics it can be difficult to know where international relations lie, where multi lateral diplomacy survives and new bilateral understandings emerge.

Useful it is then that an engraving always speaks true. Old legal documents are being torn up, cyber warfare is eradicating swathes of written communication… but a solid engraving does not diminish.

As engraved gifts go, some are more notable than others – and the engraved quaich (an ancient two-handled Scottish cup) given by British Prime Minister Theresa May to American President Donald Trump is perhaps the most notable personalised gift this year to date.

The engraved gift signifies trust and friendship and is intended to reflect the US President’s Scottish ancestry, as the son of Mary Anne MacLeod from the Isle of Lewis.

It’s good to know that the ‘Special Relationship’ is still front of mind, with nothing more appropriate to preserve the lasting connection than a personalised quaich.

“Originating in the Highlands, where clan chiefs prized them as a token of hospitality, they have been used across Scotland for centuries as a cup of friendship,” said Number 10.

“Today it is rarely used as a drinking vessel, but rather it is a symbol of welcome and kinship. Its two handles signify trust, both on the part of the giver and the receiver.

“Tracing its origins to the distant past of Highland chivalry, the quaich is today a timeless reminder of the enduring Scottish values of friendship and hospitality.”

At Engravers Guild, we unfortunately don’t offer any personalised quaiches in our collection.

However, if you do want to lay down bonds of friendship or love with presidents, prime ministers, chancellors or mothers-in-law, then look no further than our engraved cufflinks, personalised perfumes, bespoke jewellery or any other ranges on our site which will help you in your task.