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The most famous engravings in the world

On Oscars night, the whole world hankers to see the most famous faces on the planet.

Every paparazzi wants to see the Hollywood stars, every journalist wants to interview the leading ladies, and every fan wants to follow their favourite celebrity.

But, for every nominee on the night, there is only one person they all want to see… the engraver.

For if the producers, actors, directors and composers get to see the engraver, then it only means one thing… that they’ve won the prestigious gold award.

Straight after the ceremony in the Kodak Theatre, all of the biggest names in Hollywood who have received a prize make their way straight to the Governor’s Ball to have their names etched on the miniature statuettes.

Celebrities may be accustomed to going straight to the front of a queue, but there is no VIP priority to see the engraver in a room where every person is an A-lister.

So the only man for whom all other men (and women) must wait on Oscars night, is the engraver.

Indeed, he is at the epicentre of the world’s media attention – more than perhaps any other person.

Over a million photographs are taken at the Governor’s ball, all trying to capture the moment on a famous face as they are presented with the award all over again, but this time with the special addition of their name engraved permanently on their trophy.

But while each celebrity must wait for their turn in the limelight, the engraver never leaves it.

He’s been in thousands of photographs, graced the the cover of the LA Times on three occasions in full colour, and last year featured in a video that went viral with Leonardo DiCaprio.

For all that attention, though, he is never named – just captioned as “engraver”.

So we’re delighted therefore to finally give one of the most important people on Oscars night the recognition that he deserves. Here’s to Alex Yust, the man who brings to life the dreams of some of the most famous people that live.

And, just as we’re pleased to give Alex that namecheck, we’d also like to thank our engravers at Engravers Guild, who give no less attention to their craft when finishing our personalised sterling silver cufflinks, engraved necklaces and personalised perfumes.