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Federer still present at US Open with engraved racket

roger federer engraved racket

There is no tennis player that Engravers Guild looks out for more keenly – apart from Any Murray – than Roger Federer.

His dominance has made an indelible impression on the game, and he has been a champion of bespoke finish and customisation that we entirely applaud.

His all-white outfits in Wimbledon finals defined a new style and elegance for sport, while his famous ‘RF’ initials helped take personalisation mainstream.

So it was sad when the 17 time major winner announced he would be sitting out of the US Open this year. However, his presence will still be strongly felt at Flushing Meadows.

The tournament has marked the launch of Roger’s new tennis racket, available to the public for the first time – and it is a racket that we take pleasure in endorsing.

Instead of adding the logo detail on top of the frame’s paint job, as is customary, Wilson uses lasers to engrave it in silver underneath the frame.

Using technology that Engravers Guild deploys in the customisation of some of our products, the engraving sets this tennis racket apart from the competition.

Our (second) favourite tennis player said: “I was pushing [Wilson] to be more confident, and almost put nothing on the racquet”.

From all at Engravers Guild, we say to you Mr Federer, “Hear. Hear”.

All of our personalised gifts, such as our engraved cufflinks, are cleanly designed, to let the style and sophistication of the bespoke engraving speak for itself as well.