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Giving a cheer to the Oscars’ engravers

A couple of weeks ago, ITV got in touch with us here at Engravers Guild, asking if they could interview the member of our team who engraves the Oscars.

We’re not sure where they got the information from that we were responsible for engraving the Academy Awards.

However, alas, they were incorrect.

Although we would consider our engraving skills amongst the best, we unfortunately do not have the contract each year to travel to Hollywood and present the world’s glitterati with their crowning achievements.

But that is not to say that we don’t appreciate the work that goes in by the engravers on the night.

It can be very difficult to achieve the most precise and perfect impression. One wrong move, and you have consigned the item to the engraver’s waste bin.

If you add your clients to the picture, then there is further pressure still.

But then throw a few global megastars into the mix, along with international media recording your every move… and you have a veritable perfect storm of pressure.

So while news titles, social media and broadcast organisations all focus on the actors, actresses and producers, we want to give a shout-out to the men and women who record in time immemorial who were the winners from the big night.

This year, all seemed to go smoothly (from an engraving point of view). Many times before on this blog we have covered how awards have been engraved with wrong spellings, wrong titles, and even completely wrong names.

It’s an easy mistake to make, and we would be lying if we claimed never to have made a error when engraving.

So there is all the more reason to recognise those dedicated practitioners.

That being said… should the organisers of the Oscars ever feel that the prowess of their engravers is not up to scratch, then we’re alert and ready and waiting in the wings for the call-up.

The offer is always there x