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Kate goes for engraved gold necklace

kate middleton wearing personalised necklace

At Engravers Guild, we are no different to the rest of the world in following the Royals.

The Royal family has been one of the biggest influences on trends and fashion throughout the centuries. And, despite a new array of media stars to compete with, they are just as notable now in popularising new styles.

So we’re always interested to see what pieces are favoured by those in the House of Windsor.

This week, we took notice as the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted out and about with a new necklace.

Made in gold, it was of particular interest as it was engraved with some special initials.

On the front of the necklace had been engraved “G”, “L” and “C” – the first initial of each of her three children, George, Louis and Charlotte.

The necklace also featured a trio of glittering stones to represent three stars.

It is not the first time that Kate Middleton has been photographed wearing a personalised necklace.

Having just given birth, she was gifted a necklace by her sister with the name of the child inscribed into the pendent.

And this follows a long history of kings, queens, princes and princesses sporting accessories which have been engraved to bring a personal touch.

At Engravers Guild, we are proud to follow this tradition and offer a beautiful collection of personalised necklaces and engraved gifts.

Just recently we launched our engraved necklace collection. The range has been designed around simple forms, allowing the inscription to be centre stage.

The pendents are also embellished with birthstones and a series of gold, silver and rose gold discs.

With options to either engrave a message in straight lines or to curve a name around the outside, you are able to personalise the necklaces perfectly for the occasion.

So gift like a prince, give like a queen and choose something that’ll be remembered for many years to come.