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Kim Kardashian snaps up an engraved gift

Last week we wrote about the purchase of Jackie Kennedy’s vintage Cartier engraved watch at a New York auction by an anonymous bidder.

This week, we can reveal who the anonymous bidder was of the personalised gift – none other than reality TV’s favourite personality, Kim Kardashian.

The classic wristwatch is a departure from Kim K’s more extravagant fashion sensibility, bearing no diamonds, embellishments or other precious stones.

Since being robbed in Paris last year, the social media star has pledged to be more subtle in her attire, and so perhaps this latest addition to her wardrobe fits in with her new sartorial intentions.

Alternatively, some outlets have suggested the purchase hints at future ambitions for the Kardashian-Wests.

Kanye West has never shied from speculation that he may run for the US Presidency one day, and Kim may be taking notes from the legendary former First Lady on her time in the White House.

However, here at Engravers Guild of London we feel that it was the allure of the personalised gift in itself that really prompted the purchase.

Kim Kardashian and her husband have been known before to appreciate the value of a customised present.

When Kanye scored a big deal with Adidas last year, he told his wife he had a little something for her from the famous sportswear brand.

Instead of a pair of trainers or new t shirt, Kanye had a $4 million 20 carat diamond ring engraved with the word ‘Adidas’ on the inside of the platinum band.

Describing the exchange later in an interview, Kim explained that Kanye did it, “cuz he’s funny like that”.

While Engravers Guild of London does not stock $4 million diamond rings, we do offer a range of gifts which can all be personalised with special sentiments and messages.

Seeing orders come through, we note that some engravings are unique, some witty, and some simply with initials or name. Whatever the inscription is, it’s the personal nature of the message that counts between two people.

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