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Launch of Engraved Silver Marmite Lids

At Engravers Guild of London, we are proud to be British. We like to celebrate those things that set us apart from the rest of the world and – we like to think – give us that edge of distinction.

In this blog we have covered Wimbledon, the Proms, James Bond, Lord’s cricket, the Queen, Prime Minister, and many more quintessentially English things besides.

So we are particularly pleased to announce our next collection of personalised gifts… something that unquestionably hails from this small isle of ours – Marmite.

The strong smelling, sticky black substance inspires as many haters as lovers. But whether or not you are partial to the famous foodstuff, you cannot deny its iconic place in our nation’s culinary offer.

So what better way to pay homage to a national treasure, than to create a range of sterling silver engraved lids for every size of Marmite jar, including 70g, 125g, 250g and 500g.

Each personalised Marmite lid is made in England using the finest 925 sterling silver, and worked by the finest silversmiths, LJ Millington.

LJ Millington is a family company that has been involved in Birmingham’s silver industry for over 50 years, making exquisite pieces for some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the country.

The silver Marmite jar lids are created using a traditional process of “metal spinning”, which is moving silver discs over metal formers to produce hollow shapes.

Each lid is then polished by hand, and finished with expert engraving using a diamond tipped machine cutter to create a lasting impression.

So if you are looking for a showpiece for the kitchen and dining room tables, then the silver Marmite lids make for an ideal gift for the person who has everything.

However, if it is something a little more standard you are in search for, there is always our engraved silver cufflinks collection and personalised pewter hip flasks from the English Pewter Company in Sheffield.