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London engraves a Walk of Fame

Royal Albert Hall Engraved Walk of Fame

We at Engravers Guild, obviously think that London is the best city in the world.

It is one of the most innovative places on the planet, and home to creations such as the daily newspaper, insurance, and the bourbon biscuit.

However, even we have to acknowledge when other global cities have come up with a truly good idea… at which point London duly copies.

One such example is that most feted of tourist attractions for celebrity followers – the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame.

The famous strip of pavement is a who’s who of silver screen icons, singing divas, and legendary directors, and is an important record of cultural history.

In London, we have been lacking such homage to famous faces, until now.

The Royal Albert Hall, one of the most prestigious performing venues anywhere, has just unveiled the beginning of its very own Walk of Fame.

This Walk of Fame, though, is slightly different to it’s American cousin as it is… engraved.

Consisting of a name engraving, a dedication and small brass star, the new paving stones are set around the outside of the building and feature notable figures who have delivered material within the venue.

Some of the big names include: Eric Clapton, Dame Shirley Bassey, Roger Daltry of The Who, and Adele.

But importantly it is not just entertainers who are recognised.

Sir Winston Churchill gave a number of important speeches here between 1911 and 1950, and so his name is recorded for posterity.

So too is Albert Einstein, who spoke here in 1933 about his concerns of Nazi power in Europe.

And Muhammed Ali made three appearances here between 1971 and 1979, so he also has a stone engraved with his name.

Indeed, the beauty of an engraving is that it lasts for time immemorial – something which we at Engravers Guild believe has immense value.

While we cannot offer your own stone in London’s Walk of Fame, we do present a beautiful range of personalised gifts which help capture and cherish your sentiment and memories.