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Meghan’s engraved gift to… Meghan

meghan markle's personalised jewellery

It’s Royal wedding season and all eyes are on the bride-to-be, speculating on what style she’ll opt for and what she might wear.

To glimpse into the future, therefore, we have to look back on her past for any clues about her sartorial preferences.

And one story in particular caught the attention of us here at Engravers Guild.

When is comes to her accessories, Meghan seems to like her things personalised.

One example is when she would wear her own’s family’s jewellery on the show “Suits”. Meghan’s character, Rachel Zane, was developed to come across less as a fashionista and more with timeless elegance, and so she wore her own signet ring.

The beauty of this, also, is that Meghan’s christened first name is actually Rachel, and the signet ring was already engraved with her initial.

Another demonstration of her penchant for personalisation is in her watch.

When “Suits” was commissioned for a third season, Meghan has told of how “it felt like such a milestone – I totally splurged”.

Her gift of choice for herself was a Cartier Tank Francais timepiece, coming in at a cool £5,000.

On the back, the princess to be had engraved “To M.M. / From M.M.”

As we have always said on this blog, the beauty of an engraving is that is lasts forever – it is time immemorial. Meghan agrees, and she even went on to say, “That’s what makes pieces special, the connection you have to them”.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

And so, true to this sentiment, Meghan has said that she wants to give the Cartier with the inscription to her daughter one day.

Should any of our readers be looking for a timepiece for themselves – perhaps a personalised pocket watch – then go that little extra with a bespoke engraving.

Make the engraving witty, or memorable, or meaningful… and that way, you are creating the beginning of a story that not only you have a connection with, but also future owners of the piece.