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Could the new £10 notes be micro engraved?

Engraved £5 note

Earlier this year we wrote about one of the world’s finest micro engravers, and how he had customised five new £5 notes.

Graham Short, the engraver who works with the point of a pin to create miniature designs, engraved a series of Jane Austen quotes and her portrait on the notes.

He spent four of the notes in the four countries of the United Kingdom – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – and so let them into general circulation for lucky spenders to discover.

His work is so well regarded that each of the £5 notes is estimated to be worth up to £50,000.

As such, the country was sent in to a frenzy, all looking for the modern day Willy Wonka golden ticket.

Three of the notes have been found and claimed. One lucky person received a fiver in a Christmas card, making it an extra special festive season that year with the unexpected engraved gift.

Meanwhile, another was donated to charity by a generous pensioner, and the third was given to the Jane Austen centre in Bath to be put on display.

The final note that is still in circulation was spent in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, and people up and down the country are on the look-out in the hope of bagging a small fortune.

The serial code on the note will start with AM32, and the number be between 885551 and 885554.

With the commemorative £5 notes being such hot property, there has been high anticipation if the micro engraver will do something similar to mark the launch of the new £10 notes.

While he is maintaining that there will be no special tenners going in to circulation from his workshop, some people are still examining their new notes in case of finding a secret engraving.

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