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Oscar Winner… with a lasting impression

gary oldman

Oscars night. One of our favourite evenings of the year here at Engravers Guild… because, for one night only, the art of engraving is not a backroom function but rather a focal point of the event.

After the main ceremony in the Dolby Theatre where the great and the good of the movie world receive the accolades they have been dreaming for, the winners then head to the hottest room in town – the Engraving Bar.

The Hollywood glitterati have to duly form a line and wait their turn for the attention of the engraver, being patient until the engraver can see them.

On this blog, you may have seen we’ve written previously about the Oscars evening. We’ve noted how it’s when the names are engraved on the trophies that the real magic happens in the eyes of the winners.

It’s a permanent impression on the golden figurines that creates their story and imparts its value.

However, this year, we report on another type of impression that became part of the story.

Gary Oldman, successful in the category of Best Actor for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in “The Darkest Hour”, was this year lucky enough to pay a visit to the Engraving Bar.

Before he got there, though, he had already made a permanent impression in his precious award – and it wasn’t an engraving.

Climbing the stairs with his fellow winners, he was walking alongside the bannister when… an almighty clonk was heard.

The sound that rang out was the impact of his metal statuette smashing the balustrade of the metal bannister.

The actor immediately stopped dead and looked down sheepishly as he assessed the damage.

An eye witness account by a Hollywood reporter claimed that the coveted prize picked up it’s first impression of the evening in the form of a dent.

Whether it did dent or didn’t is still not certain. But, even if it did, then Engravers Guild doesn’t think this matters at all.

The worth of an Oscar is in the story that it tells – the marks and impressions that allude to its history. Should it be dented, or should it be not, it’s just another chapter in the story of the award.