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New research shows how gifting will be affected by Cost of Living crisis

8 in 10 Brits (80%) are worried about how they will afford the festive season this year, with a third (32%) either very or extremely worried.

Research conducted by Engravers Guild, the personalised gifts retailer, paints a bleak picture for the Christmas season, with many having to look for new ways to try and find the festive cheer.

Despite soaring inflation, 79% plan to spend no more on Christmas gifts this year with over a third (35%) even planning to cut back. Moreover, only very few (15%) think that they will actually spend more on Christmas gifts compared to last year.

The news does not bode well for the High Street. With footfall last year stricken by the pandemic, over three quarters (76%) still do not anticipate spending any more this time round on the High Street. In fact, 1 in 8 (12%) even plans to spend ‘significantly less’ than 2021.

This comes as more than one in four (27%) say they will give fewer gifts this year than last. 7% of people even plan to give no Christmas gifts at all, and a quarter (25%) are agreeing with friends and family not to exchange any gifts.

One reason for people being more thrifty with their gifting may be to compensate for higher food prices. About 3 in 10 (29%) are budgeting to spend more on groceries this year compared to last. That notwithstanding, though, despite getting much less for their money now, more than a quarter (27%) still plan to spend even less than 12 months ago on groceries.

To make ends meet, Brits are having to go to new lengths this Christmas. Almost 1 in 5 (17%) are forgoing on heating to fund the buying of Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, 7% report to be skipping meals to help finance their Christmas presents.

Elliot Bishton, the founder of Engravers Guild, said:

“It’s looking like it will be a different kind of Christmas this year, with value for money being foremost on people’s minds. However, that doesn’t mean it needs to be less special and we’re seeing a greater emphasis on thoughtful gifting.

“Many people are planning to give self-made and second-hand gifts this year. And, for those who will be buying gifts, over a quarter are agreeing price limits with friends and family. While people may have to be more thrifty, being creative can actually help the gifts mean more.”



The research was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Engravers Guild, surveying 2,000 UK adults who celebrate Christmas. The survey was carried out [TBC]

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