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Personalised sterling silver cufflinks connect nations

Sterling silver cufflinks have a long history of connecting shirt cuffs, but they have an equally proud history of fastening much more than just men’s clothes.

On the Prime Minister’s recent trip to visit the new President, Melania Trump gifted Theresa May’s husband, Philip, a pair of personalised sterling silver cufflinks.

The present is the latest in an extensive line of exchanges with world leaders where cufflinks have been selected to grow stronger ties.

When Prince Charles and Camilla visited America last March, President Barack Obama gave the Prince a pair of cufflinks and a pen.

And the British government gave those who attended the 2014 NATO gathering in Wales a £600 package that the State Department described as including “cufflinks of the Celtic Manor Resort”.

But it is not just the US and UK governments that are predisposed to gifting cufflinks.

One of the most prestigious presents received by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is noted as being a set of gold and diamond studded cufflinks valued at almost £1,000.

More recently, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was also the proud recipient of a pair of personalised cufflinks from the Belize High Commissioner with his native of coat-of-arms.

While not all of us are forging new international cooperation, we do all care about the relationships with those who are close to us.

Whether it be an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday or a special achievement, there are few better ways to mark it than with a pair of engraved silver cufflinks.