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(Secret) Santa Claus is coming to town!

At Engravers Guild, we say that the most special gifts are those that: say something about the person who is giving it, reflect something about the person who is receiving it, and acknowledge the particular gifting moment.

The majority of Christmas presents, therefore, can hopefully hit as many of these three pointers as possible.

However, there is an ever-growing vein of Christmas giving which make it very difficult to score against all three of the markers… that is, in Secret Santa gifting.

Often being towards the lower end of the value range (after all, if you don’t get the credit for the gift then you don’t want to be too generous), we’ve put together a quick guide of suggestions underneath three spend categories.

All three categories have something to offer a personalised gift experience, even on a budget.


A common spending category for an office Secret Santa or amongst closest classmates, £10 can go quite a long way in buying a beautifully presented and engraved present. Our antique brass effect lighters can make for a touching gift, coming complete with bespoke gift card and smartly delivered in our signature packaging. Popular amongst users of scented candles, open fires and gas cookers, they’re a multi function gift that never fails to brighten up a moment.


Nearly everyone has their favourite tipple, and what better way to carry it discreetly about their person than in their own engraved hip flask. We offer a whole range of options, with many coming in well below £20. The plain stainless steel option offers wonderful value, but if your budget stretches then do consider one of our exclusively made real leather hip flasks with silver plate to engrave.


When moving into this category, a whole range of options opens up. For ladies, you cannot fail with the cute sterling silver heart necklace at £24.95. Created by MYRI and presented in clean London packaging, it’s a gift which really leaves an impression and is a versatile piece of jewellery which can be worn in any style. Meanwhile, for the gents, there is no finer way than to sip your ale than from your own personalised pewter tankard.