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Getting engaged with something engraved

engraved cufflinks engagement

Dear Ladies

The time of Elizabeth Bennet – and having to wait for an eligible gentleman to get down on one knee – is now well behind us. Women are increasingly popping the question.

However, with 2016 being a leap year, the tradition of women taking the initiative on 29 February may spur a few more ladies to make an official start to those wedding plans.

But with one question comes another. What is to replace a diamond ring?

At Engravers Guild, we offer two pieces of advice: make it lasting, and make it personal.

Engraved wedding cufflinks are an obvious choice. Being something that the groom can wear on the wedding day, the inherent value of sterling silver provides the perfect stage for a bespoke message that captures the event.

Similarly, an engraved tie clip or an engraved money clip would carry the same effect – and both also be easy to conceal for the big surprise.

Of course, Engravers Guild can help with all of your props for the proposal. But we leave the rest for you. Good luck.