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The engraving maketh the Oscar

Engraved oscar leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the coveted prize for Best Actor at the Oscars this week. His acceptance speech has been watched by almost a billion people, but it was what happened afterwards that Engravers Guild was most interested.

The Governor’s Ball following the main event is where the real magic of the evening happens, as it’s here that the little gold statuettes get engraved.

Variety Magazine was there to capture the moment when Leo got his name engraved on the award. While he may be one of the best in the world at controlling his outward emotions, not even he could contain his excitement when seeing his name engraved on to the iconic prize.

At Engravers Guild, we know that it’s the personalisation that makes our gifts special. Whether it’s engraved cufflinks, engraved perfume, an engraved necklace or even an engraved Oscar, it’s the knowledge that the object is meant for one person and one person only that really makes the difference.