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The Queen and her secret engraving

Engraved & personalised jewellery Queen UK

The Queen and Prince Philip – UK

This month a new biography has been released by the author Ingrid Seward, “Prince Philip: A Portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh”. Ingrid is one of the most respected and prominent writers on the subject of the British Royal Family. 

In the book, private details have been released unbeknown to the British public until now and some topics are very interesting.

One detail that Engravers Guild have relished upon is the secret message that Prince Philip and The Queen share on her engraved wedding ring

Only the Queen (94), Prince Philip (99) and the engraver know how the personalised message reads. Made out of Welsh gold, the ring was given to the Queen over 70 years ago and she never removes it from her finger. 

It comes as no surprise that the wedding ring has a special inscription inside of it as the Royal Family are known to love giving personalised and engraved gifts to each other.

Being so intensely in the public eye, the couple have shared the majority of their details throughout life, however it seems as though they have kept this private element up their sleeve. 

Engraving a piece of jewellery for a gift can add a high sense of personality and create a special moment. Engravers Guild specialises in the personalisation and engraving of items for special occasions. 

By using the finest diamond-tipped cutters we ensure that all products are curated to an exceptionally high standard that leave a lasting impression. 

Something very extraordinary about engraving is that the engraving lasts forever. The message and meaning will never die. 

And in the case of the Royal family, their engravings will go down in British history.