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Wimbledon: personalised necklaces

As part of our Wimbledon season on all things personalised, we couldn’t help but notice an engraved necklace that came up on our screens.

From the hallowed turf of Centre Court, Kim Clijsters (Belgian tennis player and former Ladies Number 1) was giving commentary wearing a gold name bar necklace.

Although unclear from the image above, the necklace was notably engraved with a special message – but it was difficult on screen to read the inscription.

Perhaps it was personalised with the date she won her own Wimbledon Doubles title in 2003, being the perfect memento of a truly remarkable triumph.

Whatever it is, it is the personal and unique nature of what is engraved that makes it special.

Indeed, Kim seems to be following the latest trend of name bar necklaces.

A favourite accessory of Kendal Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, the pendant is being used for discreet touches and also bold statements.

Earlier this year, Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a name bar necklace with the word ‘Abel’ engraved.

It was thought to be a nod to the given name of her boyfriend from the Weekend. However, when rumours surfaced of a split, the necklace was replaced by one with simply read ‘Bella’ – confirmation to the media that the break-up is true, but she’s doing just fine.

At Engravers Guild of London, we’re delighted to soon be launching a new line of personalised jewellery, complete with name bar necklace.

Whether you want to give an engraved necklace for a discreet and personal touch, or whether you want to make a bold statement, do visit our store and we’ll be happy to help.