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Engravers Guild: The Birthstone Collection

Birthstone Collection

Birthstones are gemstones that correspond to the months of the year, each month has a birthstone associated with it.

It is now common practice to associate yourself with the gemstone of the month you were born, hence the term ‘birthstone’.

These dedicated crystals come in an array of beautiful colours and each birthstone has a special meaning.

Engravers Guild Birthstone Collection
Engravers Guild has a birthstone collection surrounding personalised necklaces.

With an array of necklace styles available, coming in silver, gold and rose gold, Engravers Guild will then add your chosen birthstone.

The pendants can then be engraved and personalised further by the expert engraving team who use diamond-tipped cutters to create a sharp and everlasting impression in the metal.

Swarovski® Birthstones
Engravers Guild only use genuine Swarovski crystals in their collection and they are all specially selected for their sparkle and high quality.

Each stone is created with precision cutting and polishing, with Swarovski boasting a higher refraction index than even crystal, thereby ensuring that nothing glimmers as brightly as their beautiful birthstone offer.

Love Heart Swarovski® Birthstone Necklace – Red
This silver heart necklace with a mini red heart overlay is beautifully embellished with a genuine Swarovski® birthstone crystal.

The front of the pendant has a unique hammered effect whilst the back is highly polished and a great canvas to engrave on.

This fun necklace is the perfect gift to express affection for a loved one in a way that will be cherished forever.

Swarovski® Birthstone Heart Pendant – 18K Gold Vermeil
Another exquisite pendant that is accompanied by a genuine Swarovski® birthstone crystal is the 18K Gold Vermeil Heart Pendant.

The pendant is of high quality and has a substantial feel in the hand. The domed effect and contours of the heart create a luxurious shape and feel to the necklace.

Retailing at £59.95, the pendant can be personalised on the front with a diamond-cut inscription.

Swarovski® Birthstone Star Necklace – Rose Gold
The popular little star personalised necklace comes in silver, gold and rose gold. The pendant is large enough to engrave a single initial of a loved one and accompanied by a real Swarovski® crystal.

The birthstone is cut to create a brilliant display of refracted light, bringing a sense of playfulness to the engraved necklace.

The necklace and birthstone are both made from high quality and versatile materials meaning it is guaranteed to last for very many years to come.